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Baltimore to Washington DC Anti-War March

Anti-war protesters marched from Baltimore to Washington DC over a period of three days, stopping in Jessup and University Park, to protest the effects of the war on Iraq on the poor and working class. More than 100 participated in the April 26-28 march. The protest was organized by the Baltimore Anti-War Coordinating Committee.


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COCA COLA FOR COLOMBIA: It’s Cheaper Than Water!

colombia.jpgColombian Javier Correa Suarez spoke at the Progressive Action Center about the repression of workers in his country and direct actions Americans can take to support the labor union activists, social activists and others being brutalized and assassinated by multinational corporations.

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Protests of IMF/World Bank and US Militarism

On April 12, at least 20,000 protested the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. The protest was peaceful except for what seems to have been targeting by police of anti-capitalists. On April 13, about 1,000 protested the policies of the IMF, World Bank, and multinational corporations.

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News :: Protest Activity

Four Arrested at Critical Mass Event

Four cyclists riding with Critical Mass were arrested today in downtown Baltimore. All were beaten by the police. Frank McCraw, ended up in Mercy Hospital.

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Streets of Tokyo Erupt in Antiwar Fervor

As the U.S. began its bombing of Iraq, hundreds of thousands protested around the world and in the U.S. Former Baltimore activist John Cassidy reports on anti-war activism in and around Tokyo, Japan.


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Both Towson and Baltimore disrupted by 300+ protesters

During the afternoon, more than 300 students shut down the central business area in Towson to protest Bush's war on Iraq. In the evening, another 300 protested downtown, one group at the War Memorial Plaza, another snaking its way through the streets of the Inner Harbor area, stalling traffic.

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

The Rhetoric of Mass Demonstrations

A look at the rhetoric of protest in the Washington, DC rallies of March 15-16

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Looking Down the Rabbit Hole: The "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003"

C. William Michaels, author of "No Greater Threat: America After September 11 and the Rise of a National Security State", examines further measures of government repression in development.


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