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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Iraq Veterans Call for an End to a War They Say Can't be Won

Interview with former Marine Cpl. Michael Hoffman, co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, conducted by Between the lines' Scott Harris

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Review :: Culture

The deeper meaning of the Thanksgiving Holiday

the native Americans culture

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LOCAL Commentary :: Animal Rights : Culture : Environment : War in Iraq

Re-Membering Thanksgiving: Gloating & Gluttony Then & Now

Body parts litter Falluja and US dinner tables. Complacent Christians gorge themselves without fear, safe from the threat of gay marriage. Thus, the conquest continues. But resistance is persistent. Separation is both cause and consequence of our problems. Solidarity -- with the earth, other animals, each other, and ourselves -- will save us.

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LOCAL Commentary :: [none]

Fan Rage in an Age of Political Apathy

Sport fans generating violence has a long history. The brawl at the game, between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, started by a fan tossing a cup of water on a player, is only the latest example. The Establishment doesn’t really give a good hoot about this ugly incident, since it only adds to the effects it seeks to manipulate the citizenry. If the fans get organized, however, and direct their venom at the Establishment, then watch out!

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Commentary :: Middle East

Zionist Myth: There Never Was A Nation Of Palestine

If one digs deeply into the dark crevasse of history, you shall find surprisingly different truths than that which mankind has been spoon-fed for the last two hundred years or more!

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Commentary :: Middle East


This article counterattacks the best-selling author's recent op-ed claim that Israel's Right was unhappy about Arafat's demise. It points out his own left-leaning proclivities, and argues that it's the Left not the Right saddened by Arafat's death. It then questions what he's doing at the Israeli right-wing research institute, the Shalem Center.

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News :: Peace

Bush Madness Linked to Physical Disease

"After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad." whined George W. Bush about Saddam Hussein. Actually, it may be worse than that. Sources close to the Army Medical Corp believe that someone, probably agents of Saddam Hussein, ruined Bush's family by poisoning the drinking water with iodine or lithium at one of the Bushes' homes. Family dog Millie, George, Barbara, and son Marvin have all contracted Auto Immune Diseases. The odds of these incidences of the diseases in one family are very long. Could this be the reason for the Iraq war? Could the current president have a disease that is affecting his mind so badly?

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News :: Protest Activity

SOAW Photos

Photos from SOAW Demonstration outside gates of Fort Benning last weekend.

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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality : Protest Activity

Hot Pinks Riots in DC: J20

This is a call to action for all queers and trannies and genderfucks of the radical sort to organize with Queer Fist NYC for a J20 action in Washington, DC.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/24/04)


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