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News :: Right Wing

Anti-Racist Action Faces Six Counts Of Libel

Montgomery County Civil Case #060100041412002

Bill White has charged Anti-Racist Action, the Claustrophobia Collective, and Mark Sabretto with six counts of libel.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Death Row Artist James P. Anderson, A Case Of Reasonable Doubt

Free James P. Anderson!

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News :: Globalization

State Of Emergency - Anti-Globalization Video Game Released Today (english)

Rockstar Games State of Emergency hits the shelves today. This game is highly rumored to be based on the WTO protests in Seattle.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Was There A Knock On Your Door?

Tell us about cases where people have been called or visited by members of a law enforcement agency after September 11 for expressing political dissent.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

"Third Positionist" Fascism In The US: A Case Study Of Bill White


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News :: Miscellaneous

How To Save The World In 45 Minutes; A Letter To George W. Bush And The US Congress

A letter to BUSH.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Urban Development

Baltimore Exports Its Most Talented Young Adults. Can This Situation Change?


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Commentary :: Media

Ari The Egg With Eyebrows And Clusters Of Cowering Syncophants

Ari "The Egg with Eyebrows" Fleischer, Susan the Shemale, Senile Cranks, and Clusters of Cowering Syncophants: Welcome to the White House Press Conference

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News :: Protest Activity


In this photoessay/interview, Hans Bennett (photographer and writer for INSUBORDINATION magazine) interviews an anonymous community organizer who enjoys talking about black blocking. Also included are photos that Hans has taken at various protest events. This is part 2 of the series. This first photo is taken at the main gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base, California on Armed Forces Day, May 19 2001.

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News :: Protest Activity

Global Women's Strike March 8

The Global Women's Strike will take place for the third year in a row on March 8, International Women's Day. In 2000 and 2001, women and girls in over 60 countries took actions to "Stop the World and Change It". The theme of Strike 2002 is "Invest in Caring, Not Killing" to protest more than $800 billion a year spent on the military worldwide.

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