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News :: Activism : War in Iraq

U.S. White Nationalists Prepare for the Permanent Control of Iraq

This article provides information on Ahmed Chalabi,
the U.S. puppet who is positioned to be the next
leader of Iraq. Chalabi is a thief and the darling of
the neo white nationalists (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle,
Wolfowitz, Kristol, etc.) who currently control
the U.S. government.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action Case Will Determine the...

...Level of Racial Diversity on College Campuses. Interview with Angelo Anchetta, director of Legal and Policy Advocacy at Harvard University's Civil Rights Project, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Right Wing

Emergency Phone JAM to shut down a White Power Show

Call the number below to jam up the nazi contact number for a white power show in Detroit area this Saturday the 12th

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News :: Baltimore MD

Bring the war Home and other articles at Frontlines

Visit often the site of Frontlines newspaper as we publish daily news and analysis of interest for antiwar, left wing and labor activists.

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Interview :: Activism

BlackBloc calling in Austin Tx. May 3rd!

It is time for anti-authoritarians,anti-imperialist, and like minded individuals to converge on the "Showdown in Texas" and show our solidarity against this capitalist machine

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News :: Media : War in Iraq

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: US Troops Loot Alongside Iraqis, Has Rupert Murdoch Cut a Deal with Bush? Media Tries to Deflect Activist Movement


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Announcement :: Activism

peacetool_FR Mitigate harassment of the peace movement by slowing down freeper HQ.

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Announcement :: Activism : International Relations : Media : Military : Peace : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

Anti-War on Terror Posters for April 12/13

sample8.jpgYour choices...


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Commentary :: Peace

Piss take total

We will find weapons of mass destruction before long. They are already on the way to Iraq

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Commentary :: U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Tweedledoom and Tweedledeal Speak to the the Iraqi People


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