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News :: Media : War in Iraq

Proof U.S. Media Staged Statue Event in Iraq

This article provides absolute proof that
the U.S. Military and the U.S. media
conspired to fake an event in Iraq and
broadcast it around the world. There
were NO large crowds of Iraqis around when
U.S. marines pulled down the statue of
Saddam Hussein.

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Announcement :: Activism : War in Iraq

Iraq is a battle, not the war: a call to action

A call to action

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LOCAL Announcement :: Middle East

VOICES OF JUSTICE - stories, art, music about occupied Palestine - Mon April 21

"Voices of Justice" Tour
A night of film, speakers, art, and music about occupied Palestine.

- recent first-hand accounts about the situation in Palestine from Arab-American and Jewish-American activists Ora Wise, Nijmie Dzurinko, and Ellen O'Grady,
- paintings, drawings and spoken word performance inspired by the current situation in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Iraq from Seth Tobocman and Ellen O'Grady,
- eyewitness video including "Amandla Intifada" from the documentary filmmaking collective Big Noise Tactical
- music from Gabriella Callendar

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LOCAL News :: International Relations : Media : Middle East : Military : Protest Activity

The Week In Review: April 7-13

Week in Review

There is no rampant looting in Iraq, but they need police; US assures the Turks that Kurds won't get too much power; the police unlease the dogs of war on protesters in Cali; SARS continues spreading, still rather quietly; and -- can you imagine? -- more media consolidation...


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News :: Peace : War in Iraq

U.S. And Turkish Forces Out Of Iraqi Kurdistan!

Stop The Ethnic Killing!

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Announcement :: Activism

Take the Next Step: Join the Global Boycott for Peace*

gbp.jpgDon't let your money flow freely and ignorantly into the pockets of those whose actions you oppose. Disobey with your Dollars!

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Commentary :: Peace

Dead or alive

next target for distraction

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace

SUSTAIN TAX DAY ACTION - April 15 - 5:30pm



Tuesday April 15
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Baltimore Central Post Office, 900 E. Fayette St
East of President St.

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News :: Globalization

The Bush Nazi Psyche by B. Meade

How Nazi buffoons rule.

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