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Dead or alive

next target for distraction
Five iraqi cities were under fire with tumorigenic DU-artillery shells consisting of chemically toxic nuclear garbage. Half-life over 4 Billion years. Responsible for cancer, birth deformities, leukemia, lingering illness and death. The Iraq sink into chaos and the trigger-happy panic shooter have only one plan. Ex General Jay Garner whose company is producing the controls for guided missiles which have civilians torn to shreds supremely accurate.

The USA and UK have contaminated this nation chemical and radio-active for the second time. They have thus created endless pain.

This is an long time mass extermination!
They have deployed clusterbombs as mass extermination and search frantically for weapons of mass destruction to legitimatize themselves. And in the meantime they present us the next target for distraction: Syria

What wretched creatures.

Bush and Blair are the real crimes of this century.

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