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Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

Ohio's 2004 presidential vote will be challenged as soon as next week in the state Supreme Court, a coalition of public-interest lawyers announced Friday.

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Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

Fred Burks of WantToKnow is fairly consistent in relevant informative articles exposure.

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BTL:Environmentalists Consider the Dangers...

...Opportunities Under Another 4 Years of Bush ~ Interview with Lois Gibbs, environmental justice activist, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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SOA and Plutocracy


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Mary Kelly’s Case Set for Sentencing Hearing

Mary Kelly, a peace and justice activist, in the tradition of Phil Berrigan, has been convicted of damaging, on Jan. 29, 2003, a U.S. military aircraft at the Shannon Airport. Her sentencing has been set for Limerick, Ireland, on Dec. 1, 2004. Kelly faces 10 years in the slammer. A campaign of letter writing to the trial judge, in support of Kelly’s position, which is grounded in the Moral and Natural Law, and the defense of “Necessity,” has been launched.

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Alternative Press Center Book Release Party

The Alternative Press Center presents a book release party for "Annotations: a Guide to the Independent Critical Press" (3rd edition)!

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The "A" in USA PATRIOT Act

A reminder that "USA PATRIOT" Act is an acronym and should always be written in ALL CAPS. The right wing successfully uses language to undermine progressives. We need to engage in the war of words.

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News Gathering Illegal Under New Patriot Act ll, Sec 102

SECTION 102 of the new Patriot Act ll states clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal.

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News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/20/04)


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BTL:Citizens Testify on Voter Suppression as Ohio Election Recount Proceeds

Interview with Bob Fritakis, attorney and activist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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