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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Smash Tyranny

The dynamics of tyranny are the same the world over. People with power over people with none abuse that power through intimidation, violence, and coercion. It doesn’t matter if it is a teacher picking on her student when the door is closed or war. Same shit, different pile.

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News :: Gender and Sexuality : Globalization : Labor : Miscellaneous

Showdown in Coal Town

For the third time in one week, residents of the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and supporters from across the country met at Massey Energy's coal processing plant behind Marsh Fork Elemntary School to demand that it be shut down and cleaned up. Sixteen of the 150 participants in the Moountain Justice Summer campaign were arrested as they attempted to deliver a list of demands to the site's supervisor. Earlier in the day two campaign participants delivered the demands directly to Massey's head offices in Richmond Virginia.

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News :: Biotechnology

Precision Agriculture Means Many People Need To Go

Global warming was just the propaganda buildup for the eventual and preferred melting of the ice caps through technology they would have liked kept secret. ENMOD. ENMOD is just part of precision Agriculture which is left over star wars stuff and basically a gigantic monsanto machine if you get my drift....Americans and many others are in the way, and need to just go away. A lot of the ENMOD is actually depopulation, makes what went down in WWII Germany, and Africa with the biotech AIDS, look like a walk in the park kiddies...

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Is Wal-Mart Good for America?


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Announcement :: Biotechnology

BIOdemocracy Spokescouncil ::: June 4th in Philly

*Reclaim the Commons* / BIOdemocracy 2005
Spokescouncil ::: Saturday June 4 in Philadelphia

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (6/1/05)


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

ENMOD Weather Control, Behaviour Modification, And Lab Ratz Are Us


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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment

Movie to Support Mountain Justice Summer Comes to Baltimore Friday Night!

Red Emmas will be screening RAZING APPALACHIA- at 8pm A film by Sasha Waters
Razing Appalachia explores the controversial issue of mountaintop removal mining by following a grassroots fight to stop the process in West Virginia. (Viewing is free but donations will go to this important cause)

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News :: International Relations

Please join Venezuela News & Action, a free weekly bulletin on Venezuelan democracy.

Please join Venezuela News & Action, a free weekly bulletin on Venezuelan democracy.

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Commentary :: Peace

100,000 Dead for a Heap of Lies

100,000 Iraqis paid for that with their lives; 1600 American soldiers were sent to their deaths for a heap of lies.

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