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News :: Civil & Human Rights

I am going to skewer the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Here is my beef with the GBI and exactly what I am going to do about it.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Labor : Miscellaneous

Student/Farmworker Alliance: Summer Encuentro & Call for Donations

Join students and youth from around the country for a week of skill shares, reflection, community-building, trainings, and a two-day national strategy session as we plan for the next phase of youth activism after the historic and precedent-setting victory of the Taco Bell boycott. The Encuentro will take place in Immokalee, FL, from August 1-7.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Abundance and Scarcity

The demand for a basic income attacks one of the basic pillars of the capitalist society: the notion that only persons who work may eat. Every person on this earth has a right to share in social life and wealth only because he or she exists as a person.

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Announcement :: Globalization

UnderCurrents Video Activist Festival

Films wanted!! Seeking enteries for annual video activist festival.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (6/13/05)

Soviet-style snich poster being used on trains

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Commentary :: Media

Snowed: US (Corporate) Media Ignore climate change

author: Ross Gelbspan / Mother Jones
Jun 11, 2005 12:05

Though global climate change is breaking out all around us, the U.S. news media has remained silent. Not because climate change is a bad story-to the contrary: Conflict is the lifeblood of journalism, and the climate issue is riven with conflict.

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News :: Crime & Police

'Child abuse police left me a broken man'

"It was the destruction of my past, my present and my future: an enormous disturbance to every aspect of our lives," Mackay said. "My son had to take a year out from his degree course at Oxford to support me."

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News :: Media

Lying and bullshitting the same thing

So now I suppose that takes liars off the hook. Or does it? I wonder how he managed to separate the two? Did he get a knife and cut a turd in half? Then paint one half a different colour and call it something else? Oh! He's not bullshitting he's just lying. Thank God for that!

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News :: Drugs

Alcohol: A Million Deaths A Decade Fueling Law Enforcement


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Commentary :: Media

A Network at War

Since ostensiblly winning a campaign to recapture the small progressive Pacifica network that spanned years, involving at one time three seperate lawsuits, and 10's of thousands of its active listerners, the tiny network is once again at war with itself.....Having, along with senior producer Ryme Kakthouda, joined in filing complaints of discrimination on basis of national origin and ethnicity at the last meeting of our national board in NYC,


and with women angry about sexism, and the networks failure to do anything more than deny its existence, planning an actual march on Berkley to file similar complaints next month, all matters likely to head into litigation within a matter of weeks now, this seemed like a good time to carve up all the sacred cows.

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