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Announcement :: Environment

NO G8 East Coast Convergence Richmond, VA July 8

On July 8th as the rulers of the eight most powerful nations meet in Scotland to decide our fates, communities around the world will take to the streets to fight back against the fossil fuels industry’s devastation of our Earth and its people

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (06/14/05)

The US labor force: One foot in the Third world

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Elections & Legislation : U.S. Government

wake up, bpd

the latest from baltimore's finest.

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : U.S. Government

baltimore PD conduct illegal search

six BPD vehicles appeared on a quiet residential street near Loyola University and engaged in what appeared to be highly illegal searches and intimidation tactics.

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Announcement :: Activism : Media

Update on Flag and

The server hosting,, and related websites and email lists has been offline since Monday, June 6.

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News :: [none]


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Commentary :: Economy : Globalization : Poverty

Debt Relief: Victory or Scam?

Who pays for debt relief? Who gets paid? Why are the exploiters suddenly being "do-gooders"? More research is needed

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Bush for Life: GOP introduces new bill to Congress

Republicans have officially started the the campaign to amend the Constitution by repealing the 22nd Amendment - the one that confines the President to two terms. If the Republicans hold their current strength, or increase it, in the 2006 Congressional elections, expect this measure to pass allowing Bush to remain President...

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News :: Peace

Former Bush Team Member-WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition

author: Greg Szymanski

Highly recognized former chief economist in Labor Department now doubts official 9/11 story, claiming suspicious facts and evidence cover-up indicate government foul play and possible criminal implications.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

surveillance cameras in Harlem, NYC

surveillance cameras in Harlem have increased 300 percent since 2003, 500 percent since 2001 and 1,000 since 1998

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