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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Will we use the power we have on September 24?

If nonviolent direct action is the most powerful tool we have to stop this war, what is the best time to exercise it? When a few hundred people surround the White House on September 26, or when a half-million (and more) people are in the streets September 24?

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News :: Environment

Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted

United States Patent 5,041,834
Koert August 20, 1991

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (9/21/05)

US jobless growth at 10-year high

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Commentary :: Environment

RFK, Jr. Blasts Big Oil & Bush-Cheney Gang

The Bush-Cheney Gang gave the store away in the so-called “Energy Bill.” It granted $4 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil, despite the fact that ExxonMobil had profits of $24 billion last year! Now, environmentalists rallying in Washington, D.C., on 09/20/05, suspect that parts of the pristine Arctic Wildlife Refuge will soon be opened up to oil drilling. At the protest, RFK, Jr., labeled George Bush: “The worst environmental president in U.S. history!”

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Stop the War - Come to Boston October 29th

Stop the War!
Mobilize on Boston Common - October 29th
End the Occupation of Iraq!
Bring The Troops Home Now!
Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools!
Fund Human Needs- Not War!

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News :: Activism

Freedom From Psychotronic Torture Activist Group

A Group Dedicated To Ending The Illegal Use Of
Psychoelectronic Weapons On The Citizens Of The
United States, By The United States Government.

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Review :: Civil & Human Rights

Review of Two Great E-books

After reading many of Pastor Michael Treis’ articles I realized no one yet has reviewed his work. I have now read all three of his books and come to the conclusion his work deserves more than a casual look.

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News :: Crime & Police



The tectonic event which triggered the Tsunami in Asia was a weapons test (ENMOD--the photo evidence of the supporting technology from those days is extensive) was actually meant for California, To dump CA into the sea, or a goodly portion of and it ain't over yet...because the rudiments of tectonix are just being rediscovered, this back-fired and all California got was the AERIAL Tsunami...Until next time. Bush is a madman. Impeach him and execute him for treason.

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News :: International Relations

How To Succeed As A War Criminal

Lest we forget…

the acts committed against humanity, in particular the 23rd anniversary of Sabra & Shatila: September 16, 1982 with special consideration of Ariel Sharon's visit to the United Nations and the attempted arrest of Doron Almog in the UK.

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Military : Peace : War in Iraq

Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour, Cindy Sheehan In Baltimore - 9/20 at 8pm


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