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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/14/05)

Guantanamo inmates to lose all rights.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Progressive Groups Fear Radical Right Supreme Court Shift if Alito Confirmed

Interview with Marjorie Cohn, professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The beneficiaries of Wars, Revolutions and turmoil.

WW2 was the mother of all conspiracies.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Senator No Fan of Cyclist, Defends Critical Mass Bike Riders Civil Right

Senator Jim Elliott from the red state of Montana is no fan of cyclists, so why is he concerned about what’s going on with Critical Mass in in NYC ? And why he thinks every citizen should be too. Find out what got this cowboy mad enough to write an article for

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News :: Economy

Agora Inc.:Utah Senator Bennett's favorite constituent, Patrick Byrne buys Yahoo for cyberfraud

Charles Schwab as I have already documented here and on the link below continues to protect these 'select clients' even though they are probably involved with and 'Bob O'Brien'.In fact I suspect James Dale Davidson who promoted Endovasc through his Agora Inc. of Baltimore and was a major shareholder in the fraud and also founder of far right National Taxpayers Union is behind and its secret Wells Fargo Bank account in San Diego.

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LOCAL News :: Peace


The DC Anti-War Network, DAWN, has called for decentralized actions marking the third anniversary of the war-occupation in March 2006.

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Commentary :: Globalization

HOSTILE TAKEOVER: Texas NeoCon Attempts Haitian Coup

Texas millionaire and key Bush supporter Dumas Simeus as president of Haiti? Is this the latest NeoCon scheme? - turning poverty stricken countries that happen to offer cheap labor and/or natural resources into feudal kingdoms, presided over by corporate executives who will squeeze every ounce of cash, sweat and blood from a country, then move on? In a word: EXACTLY!

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News :: Animal Rights

detecting bush terrorism by observing movements of the rich


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News :: Activism

bush gang in crisis -- SO LETS GO TO CHINA!


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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/12/05)

Flight 175 was an animation.

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