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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Labor : Poverty

Save the Living Wages Co-op at Camden Yards!

Please stand with the United Workers Association ( on Monday to demand the living wage jobs that we were promised!

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Commentary :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Middle East : Protest Activity

"Gnome Chomsky" -- a *GREAT* little poem

I am opposed and have been opposed for many years, in fact, I’ve probably been the leading opponent for years of the campaign for divestment from Israel and of the campaign about academic boycotts. -- Noam Chomsky.

Now read the poem and enjoy!:

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News :: Poverty

Schwarzenegger Leaves Poor, Middle Class Behind

Governor Schwarzenegger has lead the State of California during a period of economic growth however the conditions for the poor and middle classes have been on the decline during the governor term in office and inflation has soared to monumental levels. The governor boasts how well the economy is doing but he has not seen the poor in the neighborhoods of Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego. He has not seen the homeless in Riverside, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Their ranks are growing daily.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:CIA Veteran Analyst Confronts Donald Rumsfeld on Iraq War 'Lies'

Interview with Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Media

Dollar Takes a Pounding

News Junkie Scott's Blog (5/12/06)

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News :: Environment

DU Weapons Special Tonight - Listen Live

Tonight, Friday, May 12 2006
11 PM - 12 AM - EASTERN -
DU Special In Review and World Wide Reaction -

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism : Economy : Environment : Globalization : Urban Development

Activists Protest Rising Gas Prices Through Cross-Country Bike Ride

Student Activists from two universities will be Bicycling cross-country from New York City, to Portland OR as part of the Bikes Against Big Oil campaign, to express concern over rising gas prices. Their tour will include a stop in Baltimore in early June.

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News :: Biotechnology

Deport all German Nationals NOW

luftwaffe at hollomon deploying enmod on usa daily since 2000...not rainmaking, try wireless thought-entrainment....death to jose delgado

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LOCAL Commentary :: Activism

A True Revolutionary

Seaghán Ó Murchú reviews Robert White's biography of Ruarí Ó Brádaigh.

"Ruairí Ó Brádaigh: The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary"

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News :: U.S. Government

Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture and Bush's Bloody Murder

Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man investigation into the Venice,Florida Saudi terrorist flight school of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris pal Wally Hilliard,putting our 'establishment' media to shame and disgrace once again.New York Times,CNN,USA Today,Wall Street Journal,etc., should all hide in shame,as well as CBS,NBC, ABC, Rupert Murdoch and Fox 'News' should be put on trial for aiding murder,torture and rape so vile.

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