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News :: Crime & Police

Texas Plans To Kill Napolean Beazley Tonight At 7 PM

Despite the fact that he was a juvenille at the time of the crime, despite the fact that he had no previous criminal record, despite the fact that the prosecutor in his own home town called for clemency... Napolean Beazley will be executed tonight at 7 PM (EST).

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Write On Dollars

For the last couple of months activists in the uk have been writing the URL on five pound notes. how about you do the same on dollars?

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Announcement :: Media

Open Call To IMC Videographers!

Open call to IMC videographers!

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LOCAL News :: Peace

Activists Distribute "Peace Diplomas" At Johns Hopkins

The Baltimore Emergency Response Network goes to the Johns Hopkins University commencement each year to distribute "peace diplomas."

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Commentary :: International Relations


The Bilderberg Group - Political murder and the killing of Prof. Pim Fortuyn.

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Commentary :: Labor

Workers Are Interested!


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Commentary :: Crime & Police

BTL: White House Responds To Tough Questions About 9/11...

...Warning by Challenging Patriotism of Those Calling for Public Inquiry. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with syndicated columnist and author Norman Solomon.

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News :: Urban Development

Roll Back The Rents

People around the world are uniting to organize massive rent strike to Roll Back The Rents! Join Now!

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Men's Rights Resources

Here are some useful links for information about gender issues which are usually neglected.

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

North American Anarchist Gathering 2002 - June 6-9 - Lawrence, Kansas

The north american anarchist gathering for 2002 will be held at Lawrence Kansas. This is the schedule of events for the gathering and some contact/registration info. the website is at:

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