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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

BTL: Progressive Coalition Defeats Billionaires' Campaign To...

...Campaign to Permanently Repeal Estate Tax. Scott Harris Interviews Scott Klinger, codirector of Responsible Wealth

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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality

Revolution And Sexuality has been the site of a rich and candid exchange over revolution and sexuality--including much debate over the new position taken by the Revolutionary Communist Party on homosexuality. The sister who volunteered to make these excerpts wrote: "As I thought, I found doing this difficult. The posts on sexuality are long, thoughtful and it's a varied subject." The excerpts we chose focus mainly on the issue of same-gender sexuality and will give you a sense of how that debate is developing.

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Commentary :: Media

Okay, So I'm Lonely And Wanna Be World Leader....

An attempt to be truthful about politics as I tell it at InterNation, drunk and honest for once in my life...

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News :: Environment

Wild Rockies Earth First! Halt Logging Truck With Banner Hang

WREF! halt logging truck and hang banner. 6 activists arrested

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News :: Middle East


June 5, 2002

Noam Sheizaf, is a member of "Courage to Refuse," the movement of Israeli Reservist Officers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. About 100 people attended the forum held at Baltimore Hebrew University on June 5 sponsored by "Friends of Peace". Sheizaf challenged the assumptions that the peace movement is having no effect in Israel. He called upon American Jews to oppose the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Commentary :: Peace

Keeping The Scientists Happy? From The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty To Bunker-Busting Nukes

The drive to develop bunker busting nukes is not a new development of the Bush administration. Instead, the National Labs (Los Alamos, Sandia, etc.) lobbied for it to justify their continued existence following the 1994 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The $2.5 billion annual spending only serves to increase nuclear proliferation dangers, while keeping obscure scientists employed.

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Announcement :: Peace

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi To Address The World Live

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will address the entire global community on Tuesday, 18 June, at
8.00 p.m. (UK time) via the Maharishi Channel global satellite
TV network, Internet webcast, and telephone conference call.

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News :: Middle East

Jerusalem Bus Bombing Kills At Least 20

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A Palestinian freedom fighter blasted the shit out of a bus packed with zionazis and war criminals during morning rush hour on Tuesday, killing at least 20 of them and wounding more than 50, police said.

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News :: International Relations

Inequality - Harmful For The Economy

Lately, we have experienced increased economic gaps within many countries as well as between countries. There is reason to claim this: increasing economic inequality means stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. There are also indications suggesting that it means throwing part of the loot into the river, before giving the rest away to those who need it the least. For those in doubt, check out

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Commentary :: International Relations

Who's The Bandit.

Flash animation.

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