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News :: Activism

Warning On Terror

Warning on Terror by Secret Agency BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) Germany

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LOCAL News :: Activism

Honk For Living Wage Held At Towson

Towson University students hold a "Honk for a Living Wage" on Aug 29.

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Announcement :: Middle East

IMC Video From Palestine Available Now!

New Video from Palestine

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News :: Right Wing

Fascists Countered In D.C.

On August 24, white supremacists representing the National Alliance, the World Church of the Creator, and neo-nazi skinhead groups marched in D.C. for a rally at the Capitol. They were met by angry anti-fascist and anti-racist counter-demonstrators, while the police--out in full force--struggled to maintain distance between the two sides.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Crime & Police

Support The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28

Statement from the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Defense Committee. On the morning of August 24, 2002, twenty-eight anti-racist activists went to the Baltimore Travel Plaza to protest the neo-nazi organization "The National Alliance."... Make donations out to "Black Planet Books", and send to: Black Planet Books, 1621 Fleet Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231-2931 USA.

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News :: Globalization

Bush Daddy Country

It spreads like a "Serpent"!

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Wait, There's More

Forgot a few

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Protest AIPAC!

AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, is having a "summit" at the Swissotel in Buckhead on October 6. Come join APS and other human rights activists in protesting these sponsors of terrorism!

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LOCAL News :: Right Wing

Scenes Of The Battle Of Baltimore

This is a link to a white racist site, and it features pics from the Nazi beatdown on Saturday.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Freedom For Jaime Yovanovic Prieto!

Send protest letters to the South African authorities!

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