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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

People Become Police Because-


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Announcement :: Activism

Green Planet Damn It! Festival 2002

Three Day Fest Celebrating Wilderness and Wildness and bringing together people from around the country to fight back for the natural rights of the planet and humanity.

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News :: Activism

RACIST Holding Conference On East Coast THIS WEEKEND!

POWER - People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Name That Nazi!

It's a game.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

The National Alliance--a Factsheet

The rally of the various right-wing, white supremacist groups in Washington, DC, August 24, was organized by the National Alliance. It is considered by many professional observers to be among the most dangerous of the neo-Nazi movement in the United States. This article looks at who they are and what they stand for.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Not For Sheep Hey Rube

this effects everyone except sheep

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

The Pentagon Attack

defensive investigative services warn of jewish/israeli spies: sept 11 A portion of carol Valentines excelletn analysis of the pentagon 'rescue'

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Emregency Services Kept Away From Pentagon On 9/11

carol valuentines stunning analysis of the pentagon 'rescue'Read it and learn how little we know about 9/11

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News :: U.S. Government

The FBI Covers Up Terrorism And Harrasses Activists

cartoon c 2002 by charles amsellem
all rights reserved

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Commentary :: Activism

Direct Democracy And The Global Justice Movement

People often ask what the so-called "anti-globalization" movement is actually for. The usual response is that we're for a lot of things, ranging from ecological sustainability to racial equality; but if there's one theme at the very center of the movement, which really sets it apart from social movements that have come before, it's its dedication to direct democracy.

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