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Announcement :: Latin America

Latin American Solidarity March April 10-15

Help organize and get involved in the demonstrations in DC in April

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Commentary :: Activism

5 Reasons ANSWER is not the answer

We can and should do better than ANSWER!

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News :: Activism

Jan 24-26th Come to Pittsburgh: Disrupt the war!

This weekend Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is taking action against the war machine and its various manifestations. The events, occurring from January 24-26, are centered on the need to take direct action against the militarization of government policy while uniting various strands of the progressive movement with those more singularly focused on anti-war work.

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News :: International Relations

Hard facts!

In effect we don't need any proofs to attack other countries, we attack them quite simply as the case may be

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News :: Globalization

Bush Daddy Brilliance

They make dark stuff bright! Note: There has been an incredible amount of interference from Baltimore IMC; thus there were many other IMC sites that I could not access from Baltimore, yet they were accessible from other sites. Plus I had to close those windows.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Peace

Remember Philip Berrigan - letter to Bush

Baltimore activists with the Friends of Philip Berrigan affinity group read this letter to President Bush while blocking the street in front of Lafayette Park since they had been denied entrance to the park and were unable to deliver the letter to the White House.

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Anti War Movement Emerges in Central Mexico

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, more than 600 people protested the Bush Administration's drive to war against Iraq. A report from Baltimore activists.

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News :: Protest Activity

Richmond IMC Report: Protests Across Globe Resist War

News from Richmond IMC about resistance to war in Richmond and beyond.

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Announcement :: Activism

Resist the Sorry State of the Union

Smash the State of The Union!!
Concert, rally and Direct Action March January 28

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

Radical Pro-Choice Action in DC this Wednesday...

Join radical pro-choice activists in opposing the Right to Life march in DC this Wednesday...

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