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LOCAL News :: Miscellaneous

BloodShed Closed Down

Local punk/Diy club was closed down Saturday night for potential fire hazards. 3 Arrested.

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Announcement :: International Relations


Call for Peace : If you believe the disarmament of Iraq must be carried out by UN inspectors...
If you think Peace is a risk worth taking!...

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News :: Protest Activity

February 15: Protesters pack NYC Streets

February 15, 2003, more than 500,000 demonstrators protested in the streets of New York City against the Bush administration's drive to war against Iraq. Mayor Bloomberg denied the organizers a permit to march to the United Nations. As a consequence, the New York Police Department developed strategies to divert the protesters from the permitted rally point at 1st Avenue and 52nd Street, 7 blocks away from the United Nations. There was much confusion in the streets. Many demonstrators compared the overwhelming police presence and enforcement tactics to a "police state." In this photo, protesters are on Fifth Avenue in front of the New York Public Library. NYC Indymedia reported more than 300 were arrests on February 15.

This photoessay attempts to give a sense of what it was like in the streets of New York City on that cold February day.

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News :: Media

How the Propaganda System Works

The Arab League votes No, is ignored in the media

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Announcement :: Peace

EMAIL: leveraging Indy to stop the war

We are in the final days. The Washington Post is reporting that U.S. and British forces are ready to fight. Take collective action now!

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Actually, WHO did 911?

I know the security business. No bunch of people from the Middle East, an outfit like Osama Bin Laden, was capable of doing that. What was done was a very complex operation, and it was done deliberately, to get us into a war. The policy -- I know who the author of the policy is. The author of the policy's on record.

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LOCAL News :: Peace

Eight antiwar activists arrested at TowsonTown Center

On Saturday, March 1, at 4:30 p.m., eight anti-war activists were arrested in the Townson Town Center in Towson, Maryland. They were among 18 activists representing the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, Baltimore

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Commentary :: Peace

No war! Say thanks to Turkey!

Turkey has voted against war on their neighbor. But with Bush arm-twisting, they could vote again! We should express anti-war solidarity with the people of Turkey, just as we express anti-war solidarity with the people of Iraq.

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Interview :: Culture

David Rovics – “Inspiring the Troops” Through Music

The following interview was conducted with David Rovics by Baltimore Indymedia on Friday, November 8, 2002 at a fundraiser concert for the Baltimore Chapter of SUSTAIN (Stop U. S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now). Rovics speaks about the role of music in resistance movements.

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News :: Middle East

It's about oil, according to U.S. officials

The real meaning of "security", please copy/paste into
an email and send this out.

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