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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Why the war means that Gore will win the presidency in 2004

War weariness will create an ideal psychological context for the political resurgence of Al Gore.

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News :: International Relations


[source: NYTimes, Editorial, ``Richard Perle's Conflict'' 3/24]
THE PERLE THAT'S A SWINE. In a lead editorial called
``Richard Perle's Conflict,'' the New York Times gives the
``thumbs down,'' to the Empire's ``Prince of Darkness.''

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Announcement :: Media

The Lycaeum Launches New Alternative War News Portal Site

Today we have launched a war news portal that would be very beneficial to the growing activist movement in their attempt to find factual news.

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Commentary :: Media : War in Iraq

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS evening 3/25: Is Bush Is Intentionally Starving Iraqis into "submission"?

Bush lies about humanitarian aid, British MP Says Buch plans to carve up Middle East after war, existing vets may be bumped to make room for new casualties of war

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News :: Peace

This war is an campaign of humanity

Rumsfeld said today: 'This war is an campaign of humanity' (Please don't show pictures)

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LOCAL Commentary :: Peace

An Open Letter to the Baltimore Area Anti-War "Movement"

I realize this will strike a nerve in some, just as much as I realize I have already generated a feeling of dislike towards myself from past actions. But I refuse to sit back and remain silent on this notion any longer. Looking at it from the outside in, it simply doesn't make any sense to me.

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News :: Globalization

Bush Daddy Feebleness

A pompous poophead.

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News :: Middle East : War in Iraq

Seattle Based Company Gets In On Rape Of Iraq

Stevedoring Services of America contact info: E-mail:, (800) 422-3505 Toll Free, (206) 623-0304 Phone, (206) 623-0179 (Fax). Ed DeNike, Chief Operating Officer: (206) 623.0304

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Commentary :: Media

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: 3/25: US Embassy Closes, Paper Shredder Story Fiction Exposed, Truth on Basra

The lastest anti-propaganda report: As the War bogs down, the propaganda escalates.

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Announcement :: Activism

Unity Call from antiwar movement

Youth Bloc/CAN

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