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Commentary :: Middle East : War in Iraq

Who Profits from War on Iraq?

BBC Reporter Greg Palast Discusses "Who Profits from War on Iraq?" Saturday April 12 - New Haven 2:00 pm

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News :: Military


The resignation of Richard Perle as head of the Defense
Policy Board is a major blow for the Chickenhawks, and their Clash of Civilizations war, which must be exploited to the fullest, to STOP THIS WAR!

Review for a minute the significance of Perle's role.

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Crafting an effective message: Focus on empire

Being effective is not just about getting numbers to rallies and events:
Why I believe we should build on the connection between American Empire and this war

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News :: Peace


Our soldiers are the best people of our nation who risk their lifes (c)Bush: They are the best paid killers of our nation - 'I do my job, I got paid for it' (soldier at live-interview cnn)

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News :: Culture

global support protestsong famous Dutch pop singer

Famous Dutch pop singer Judith (won Your Big Break, singer final tune Dutch Big Brother)gains global support for her protestsong "fools rule the world"

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LOCAL News :: Activism

Police Tactics at Critical Mass: BRING A CAMERA

New police tactics at unusually small and peaceful Critical Mass

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Commentary :: Middle East

BTL:Democratic Presidential Candidate Explains His Opposition to...

... Bush Administration's War in Iraq. Interview with Dennis Kucinich, Ohio congressman and Democratic presidential candidate, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Activism

Hack attack! Taking down criminal media sites

The war-makers are routinely hacking anti-war sites. Activists can, and probably should, use the same tools to bring down the criminal corporate media websites.

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News :: Peace

Four Arrested at Critical Mass Event

Four cyclists riding with Critical Mass were arrested today in downtown Baltimore. All were beaten by the police. Frank McCraw, ended up in Mercy Hospital.

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Police Employ Violence to Halt Critical Mass Bicycle Protest

Baltimore city police disrupt peaceful, nonviolent bicycle protest with violence

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