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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

3 point plan to end the regime

Overturn corporations as "individuals" ruling, take private money out of elections and join the World Court. Author's 3 point plan to end shadow regime's crimes against humanity

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Review :: Drugs : Health Care : U.S. Government

Peg Intron and Interferon

I have been trying for years to expose the truth behind PEG-Intron therapy, its horrible side effects, its ineffectiveness, and the real reason the drug manufacturer altered Interferon to create it.

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Announcement :: Middle East

new song: gaza don't lose hope (audio/slideshow)

new audio composition by ofek (switch your browser's encoding to unicode if non-roman letters do not display)

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News :: Miscellaneous

still overvalued

The stock market is still overvalued.

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Commentary :: Media

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: Media Directed to Suppress info on Garner, Pentagon's 'Doubleblind Ploy', Operation Eggy Freedom

News and Notes from within the Bush Reich

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Announcement :: Media : Military : Protest Activity : Right Wing : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Imagine Not Having a Mouth

"In New York,when the police arrests protestors now, they ask them if they listen to Pacifica Radio!"

---Ryme Katkhouda

Many of us spend most of our waking hours advocating, speaking out, fighting against the oppression of others and supporting their expression.

WPFW (Pacifica In Washington, DC) has helped many of us get the word out on the anti-war movement, give the real story, bring the analysis that was everywhere else prohibited.

Now they need our help. If you don't have funds available, still, please forward this note. And if you can do it, please reach in your pocket to get us some more revolutionary radio!

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News :: U.S. Government

CHERYL SEAL SPECIAL REPORT: Woman Who Thwarted Hunt for Osama Bin Laden is Acting Governor Of Baghdad

Here is the full, highly disturbing story of Barbara Bodine's role in the derailing of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in 2000, and the ruin - dand ultimately, death - of FBI agent John O'Neill

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Did James Woolsey let the World War IV Cat Out of the Bag

When former CIA Director James Woolsey began talking about World War IV, a war essentially against all so-called Islamists forces that preach hate against America, did he let some of the details of the Bush regime's long term plans and present actions in Iraq out of the bag?

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News :: War in Iraq

The U.S. Occupation and the Resistance In Iraq


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The Forbidden Truth of all Human Political Systems

All human political systems are genocidally enslaving, terroristically
brutal and brainwashing structures specifically designed to control,
dominate, and destroy the lives of all citizen-slaves

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