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Antonio Negri in Argentina

Due to the visit of Antonio Negri to our country, we introduce some articles of debate and polemic with Negri's ideas that were published along the past few years in the magazine Estrategia Internacional.

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The Week in Review: Oct 21-28

Week in Review

Casualties in Iraq on the rise, the people (and even Congress!) up in arms, percholrate: it was never supposed to be for breakfast; bye-bye electric cars; Harvard students: not as smart as you think; This Week in History and more...


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Announcement :: Globalization

Target: InterContinental - Make Them Pay for Hosting FTAA

Target: InterContinental Hotel

Make Them Pay for Hosting the FTAA!!!!!
Days of Action: November 19-21, 2003

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Announcement :: Media

New INDYPENDENT Special Edition PDF

Read all about why the U.S. occupation of Iraq is failing, the Democrats unabashed support for the occupation, the growing outcry from military families here in the U.S., and how the inner logic of the state leads to war. There are also articles about the recent overthrow of Bolivia’s corrupt president, government repression of social movements in the U.S., reflections on the kamikaze radicalism of the ‘60s era Weather Underground and how contemporary activists can be more radical and less extreme at the same time, and more…

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Commentary :: Health Care

Dogs Die with Greater Dignity

Editorial on Terri Schiavo and dying with Dignity

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Commentary :: Labor

Exploring Alternative Forms Of Workers' Organization

Anarchist Communists and the Italian 'Base Union' Movement

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News :: Peace

Sadly failed again

The prime target Wolfowitz responsible for thousands of deads, sadly escapes again a deadly strike but the homicidal strategist looked shaken

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Seeds of Peace, Keys of Resistance

40,000 protest the continued military occupation of Iraq by the United States and Britain. A report from the streets of Washington DC. (Photos by Jim George)

See also newswire report by William Hughes.

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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality

Ten Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution

Legitimating prostitution as "work" does not empower the women in prostitution.

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Commentary :: Activism

New McCarthyism alive and well at

Help defend the 1st Amendment at message boards,where moderators and a group of rightwing posters have imposed censorship of anything critical of the US government.

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