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Announcement :: Protest Activity

No Nazis In Boston - May 8

Nazis Fuck Off - May 8th

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LOCAL Announcement :: Crime & Police

Tuesday May 3rd: Kristian Williams presents "Our Enemies in Blue"

"Our Enemies in Blue", examines the history of police violence from a
radical but pragmatic perspective. Uniting theory and practice, the
book provides a resource useful to activists, scholars, and citizens
concerned about the encroaching police state.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (05/02/05)


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Commentary :: Protest Activity

The Republic, the American Flag & the Left

The American Republic belongs to the people! I believe that antiwar activists, like Ron Kovic, a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, are the real patriots in the battle against the Iraqi War. Yet, Neocons, such as that repulsive William Kristol regularly wrap themselves in the American flag. He has no right to claim the flag as a symbol for his dubious cause. Isn’t it time the Antiwar Movement seized the patriotic initiative away from Kristol and his ilk?

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (5/1/05)


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Commentary :: Peace

Bush Concealing Imperialist Goals Behind Democratic Rhetoric

Wedbster's defines euphemism as the substitution of an inoffensive term for one considered offensive.. Capitalism has little to do with democracy or freedom or liberty.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Satellite Pix Of Chemtrail Weapons Testing In Gulf War I

Texas---like a whole 'nother asylum.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

How To Make Biodiesel Fuel

Protesting and whining does not seem to be working too well kiddies....everybody have their guns yet? Good, now get the ammo stock working, all will be ok. If they come to take your house, as they did after the bushoover thing, simply do not let them. Military says this: USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED.

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Commentary :: Labor

May Day: Made in the USA

“Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for what we will!” was the slogan of the 340,000 workers who marched in cities across the U.S. on May 1, 1886, calling for the eight-hour day.

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