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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD : Crime & Police

Sunday Aug. 7th: Help Turn the Cameras Around

Concerned about the recent Homeland Security funded, police (state) cameras sprouting on Baltimore street corners? Then join us for an afternoon of citizen oversight and participatory journalism...

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Symbolic Bombs, Authentic Deaths

by greenleft

It was not necessary to drop atomic bombs. That is a 60 year old lie--we did it to prevent millions of American casualties--LIES for more than half a century.

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News :: Economy



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Review :: Economy

Dictatorship as Economic Advantage: China's Rise

"Paul Samuelson questions the theory that existed for 200 years: the theory of free world trade.. Wolfgang Hirn shows how China's rise to the omnipotent production nation leads to deindustri-alization.. The 150-year western dominance is obviously coming to its end.."

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Split in AFL-CIO Could Spur New Organizing But Dissidents Fail to...

...Address Fundamental Flaws ~ Interview with Stanley Aronowitz, professor of sociology and author conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (8/4/05)

Uzbekistan evicts US from Air base.

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News :: International Relations

Plan for Peace in the Middle East through tourism!

The United Nations World Tourism Organization, WTO might be a means to peace in the Middle East.

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LOCAL Commentary :: War in Iraq

George W. Bush & Raffy Palmeiro: Birds of a Feather!

George W. Bush lied us into the Iraqi War, but remains unpunished for his wrongdoing. Meanwhile, on the sports front, Raffy Palmeiro of the Baltimore Orioles has tested positive for steroids and been suspended for ten days. Yet, he told Congress he had never used steroids. Rep. Chris Shays said he was “extremely disappointed” about Palmeiro. If so, what should the response of Congress be to all of Bush’s treachery? Think: Impeachment!

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Commentary :: Globalization

“That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”

“That’s a Very Negative Message You Have There”
A Positive Light at the End of The Tunnel

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Commentary :: Economy

Purgatory of the Market

"The new capitalism is also a totalitarian movement that cannot or will not rest until it has seized the whole world and put everything in private hands that previously was subject to state or civil controls.."

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