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News :: Children


bush did 911 - research stand + hot new stuff.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Media


Join the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center, Champaign Urbana Wireless and Prometheus for another hair-raising spine-tingling electrically-charged weekend radio project!

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/27/05)

Xymphora - The ground war in Syria has begun.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Taliban Attacks and Election of Warlords Spark Concern about America's...

...Forgotten War in Afghanistan ~ Interview with James Ingalls, co-director of Afghan Women's Mission, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Cindy Sheehan: Is Iraq War Another Vietnam?

On a sidewalk in front of the White House, on Oct. 26, 2005, anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, John Bruhns and Juan M. Torres, Sr., and others from groups, like “Veterans for Peace,” gathered at a Vigil to protest the conflict. The toll of U.S. military dead had just reached the grim 2,000 mark. Sheehan predicted the war will be another Vietnam, unless the people can bring it to an end.

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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

The Not So Silent Scream

This Latin woman-girl-child could as easily be from Asia, India, the Middle East or Africa. Born into her economic and sexual caste. No way out. At most a baby-machine, and not a very good one at that.

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News :: Crime & Police

Minutemen Facilitating High Level Cocaine Movement?


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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/26/05)

Eric Hufschmid explains an intelligence matrix.

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LOCAL News :: Activism

(Re)living Democracy examines E Baltimore's struggle against "urban renewal"

(Re)livingDemocracy.Small.jpg(Re)living Democracy at the Contemporary Museum examines the struggle of East Baltimore residents who are facing impending displacement due to EBDI's "urban renewal" plan.

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News :: Globalization

Agora Inc.meets George Tenet in New Orleans,touts penny stock for CIA

CIA uses James Dale Davidson's Agora in illegal pump and dump schemes to benefit himself and CIA insiders in various questionable penny stocks focused on 'defense' 'homeland security' and potential internet spying for personal gain - all under guise of protecting us. Americans are defrauded again !!!

And yes I do take it personally because James Dale Davidson ran a pump and dump scheme using Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and lied about patents while even Stanford researchers benefitted from the pump and dump of Endovasc share and the company fraudulently claimed to be a victim of 'naked shorting' from Charles Schwab my broker who hosted the account Endovasc and Davidson's shares were dumped from - possibly LOM of Bermuda'a Schwab account!!!

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