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News :: Civil & Human Rights

High-energy radio-frequency directed energy weapons

WIKI WENT DOWN AFTER THIS WAS POSTED.....the last is an adition that was to be added, first addition posted last evening.

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

SUPER TERRORISTS!: 'Pollywood Studios' Latest Production


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Commentary :: War in Iraq

SUPER TERROROSTS! The Latest "Pollywood Studios" Production


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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

OR, Go to Plymouth Rock on Spanksgiving

If you can't make the New Orleans convergence, ... Come fast, bring the family and a yummy dish to:

36th National Day of Mourning, with United American Indians of New England (UAINE)

Thursday, November 24, 2005 (US "thanksgiving" day), 12-5 PM (rally - march - potluck)

Plymouth, Mass

Or if your family is unfortunately of the delusional, hush-hush Leave it to Beaver type from Pleasantville, leave them behind for a day if you wish, and bring a yummy dish. How will they ever explain your absence to the kids as they celebrate this gluttonous "holiday"? Hopefully the presence of that empty chair will help them feel a little less FULL this year!

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Join the ROADTRIP FOR RELIEF to New Orleans Nov 20 - 27!

from flyer:

"The Gulf Coast has been devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita...Despite the overwhelming destruction, hope is not lost. WE WILL REBUILD.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/16/05)

Censorship_Press_Obey2.gifSenate approves $500 billion war budget.

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News :: War in Iraq

Video on chemical war against Iraqi people


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Apologia of barbarity from the left intellectuals.

"The state is a coldest of all monsters"

Fr. Nietzsche.

The publication on the Internet the staff of a public execution of criminals in the Peoples Republic of China has caused ambiguous comments from readers.

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Joe Wilson Rips the Bush-Cheney Gang

Ex-Ambassador Joe Wilson took the gloves off in a lecture that he gave on Nov. 14, 2005, in Baltimore. He ripped into the “Brownshirts” in the Bush-Cheney Gang; hack columnist, Bob Novak; and the indicted and “cowardly” White House operative, Irv “Scooter” Libby. Wilson speculated that the “outing” of his wife as a CIA agent was done in an attempt to make others “afraid” to speak out about how the country was dragged into the Iraqi war.

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