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News :: Animal Rights

San Francisco Gives Up Its Guns....kind of...

San Francisco the City of progress.......This is exactly what we thought would happen.

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News :: Crime & Police


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Commentary :: Activism

The Ehrlich Report

A monthly column of sociopolitical commentary. This month: political communication

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News :: Animal Rights : Children : Civil & Human Rights : Peace : Protest Activity

How many children will they kill? Stop the baby killers.

USA is planning to test Dangerous Chemicals and Drugs on Orphans and innocent Children worldwide.

Stop the cruel Atrocities on Defenseless children.

Just say NO to the blood thirsty Bush Gestapo.

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

An Open Letter to Randy “Duke” Cunningham

The corrupt ex-Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, an eight-term member of the Congress, will be sentenced on 02/27/06, for taking $2.4 million in bribes. An ultra hawk, he pushed for the Iraqi War which has cost untold misery for the Iraqi people and death and pain to the lives of so many American families. Cunningham said he wants to “atone” for his wrong doings. If so, let him come clean at his hearing about all of the pervasive corruption on Capitol Hill.

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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (12/07/05)

Court to review law limiting insanity defense.

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News :: U.S. Government

Universal Currency Intelligence

While international financial revolutions haven't reached epic proportions on a global scale between banks and people since 1929 - when the U.S. stock market collapsed and the Great Depression set in - a new horizon approaches quickly from the Middle East, Africa, and Pacific Rim using advantages of 'now strong' gold-based financial systems over U.S. dollars viewed as becoming worth less during petroleum trades that began occurring in September 2005.

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News :: [none]


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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Fight Racism & Censorship at New School

New School Administrators are targeting a graduate student because she organized an all-black panel to speak on topics they consider "controversial."

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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (12/06/05)

Rice defends illegal renditions.

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