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News :: International Relations : Middle East : Military : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

King George Bush and the Tortured Truth

A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer gives a disturbing analysis of just what kind of plan the Neocons have in store for the United States with their recent legislation to spy and torture state enemies -- and what kind of man they have in George W. Bush to carry it out !

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : International Relations : Media : Military : Peace

PHILIPPINES: The Killings Must Stop

This is a Statement by European Church and Civil Society Organisations regarding the recent upsurge of political killings in the Philippines.

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News :: Military : Miscellaneous : Peace

The Bush War Against People, Animals and Nature

The most recent crime against Maryland citizens
was the Diebold installation of Cardin as Democratic
primary winner when Mfume was 5 points ahead in
nonpartisan polls. Now the Green Party will be
the beneficiary as citizens are told to
choose between Steele who is promoting animal
abuse on his website and Cardin who has voted
for EVERY war appropriation. Cardin has also
voted to stand with the Olmert regime bombing
of Lebanese babies.

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News :: Health Care

Stewart Alexander Addresses Health Care Reform

The U.S. has the largest and most expensive health care system in the world and the current system is on the verge of collapse; maybe not in 2006, however it will collapse. Today there are many signs that the system is already unraveling. Many companies are scaling back the health care coverage they offer employees; due to the lack of affordability millions of Americans are uninsured, the high cost will cause many U.S. corporations to close doors, and the future cost of health care coverage will force many local governments and public agencies into bankruptcy.

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News :: Globalization

The Duh Booya Super Highway

comin atcha senor

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News :: Right Wing

WSJ,N Y Times:Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terror flight school ?

Was Osama bin Laden poking another grim joke at the Bushes,laughing in their faces as he instructed Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi to apply for terrorist flight school training right under the Bushes' noses at Wally Hilliard's Huffman Aviation in Venice,Florida ?And why has the government and media covered it up ?Why was Makram Majid Chams, who cashed a $70,000 check for Atta and al-Shehhi from Dubai, UAE at his now closed Kwik-Chek in Venice,Florida,allowed free pass to Saudi Arabia and why did Chams begin sueing his employee Titan Corporation for $20,000,000 from there ? ! Why was he employed by Titan Corporation from San Diego in the first place ?

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News :: Media

It is now 1215 again

News Junkie Scott's Blog (9/29/06)

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News :: Crime & Police

the American assassination of John Lennon by CIA and the Whitehouse


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LOCAL News :: Biotechnology

The Threat That is Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland is on its way to becoming the most dangerous developer and repository of chemical and biological weaponry--superbugs capable of cruel and mass deaths almost beyond imagination.

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Announcement :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Military : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

Habeas Corpus Ends, Time to Arm

Here are a couple of things almost anyone can easily acquire, which can quickly be used to make significant weapons: Nitrate Fertilizer (gardening supplies), powdered Aluminum (paint store), and sparklers. Just get this stuff, now, not later. Vanadium Pentoxide (chem supplier?) and battery acid (automotive) are also pretty handy.

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