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PHILIPPINES: Ghost of the fraudulent 2004 elections will haunt this year’s polls

Akbayan-Philippines.jpgAs the opposition and the administration finalize their line-up, AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) warned voters of opportunists who would cover up the single most important issue in this year’s elections – the ‘Hello Garci ’ controversy.

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News :: Economy

The Majority Want Socialism

In 2005 after Germany was "united in freedom" for 15 years, 52% championed something as bizarre as socialism (46% in the West and 74% in the East).

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda

Analysis of Hugo Chavez's social democratic agenda.

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News :: War in Iraq


After claiming some sort of bizarre conspiracy when Ron Paul won their straw poll two weeks ago, Pajamas Media declared Sir Rudy Giuliani (Knight of Malta) the winner. They proudly claimed that they fixed their “spamming” issue and all was well. The only problem is, Ron Paul also won last week’s poll - overwhelmingly...So how did Pajamas Media respond this time? They completely removed Ron Paul’s name from this week’s poll.

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News :: Media

Bill in Congress requires ISPs to track users

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/22/07)

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Interview :: Poverty

"Unemployment is a Victory"

Higher productivity allows a maximum in prosperity to be realized with a minimum in human labor. Freedom, not full employment, is the alternative today.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Economy

James Howard Kunstler: “America, Think Downscale!”

America is headed for “a long emergence,” according to author, James H. Kunstler. He’s convinced that the days of the economy running on a cheap supply of fast-fading oil will soon be history. He spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 20, 2007. Kunstler said it’s time for the country to think: “Downscale!” He sees hard times ahead. Kunstler also doesn’t think much of how the U.S. looks either. He said much of it is a “piece of crap.”

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News :: Protest Activity

New DVD: Video-Chronicles 2006

We include in this release the video-chronicles we have produced during the last year, trying to give voice in an audiovisual format to different moments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

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Announcement :: War in Iraq

Encampment to Stop the War Details: Get Involved Now!

In Washington DC

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Show Solidarity with Oaxacan Human Rights Activist


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