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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

A Theological Balance by Dorothee Soelle

Believing in love is more than worshipping the heavenly button-pusher..Our way of life and politics separate us from Jesus' life, not what happens in the bedroom.. Learning to share is a feminist project annulling the oldest injustice.

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News :: Media

National Guard to patrol New York/New Jersey subway stations

News Junkie Scott's Blog (5/12/07)

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News :: Right Wing

Ex U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow,Michael Moore, Cerberus,Bawag Austria,Leumi Bank Israel and Cuba

Funny you don't hear about the present Treasury Secretary going after ex Treasury Secretary John Snow for his conflict in spying on interbank financial transactions as U.S. Secretary of Treasury through SWIFT of Brussels,Belgium with CIA and perhaps SRA International's Mantas data mining software followed by John Snow's resigning his U.S. Treasury Secretary financial spy post in Europe to BUY BAWAG BANK with Dan Quayle,John Snow,the Kellogg Brown and Root boys and some well heeled Jewish billionaires(who helped them buy Leumi Bank of Israel and who are modest and wish to remain anonymous) !?

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Latin America

Al Giordano of “Narco News” Talks about the Zapatista “Other Campaign” and the Oaxacan Popular Peoples’ Assemblies

Al Giordano, founder–editor of Narco News and co-founder of the Fund for Authentic Journalism, gave a talk and presented some of his latest videos at the so called “church space” of St Johns at 2640 St Paul Street in Charles Village, Baltimore. Group discussion followed his presentation. Eleven persons attended the event, and discussion was easy, the audience sitting in a semicircle.

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LOCAL Commentary :: War in Iraq

Dr. Gilbert Burnham on the 654,965 Death Toll in Iraq

One of the true horrors of the Iraqi War is the death toll of the civilian population caught up in that conflict. In Oct., 2006, “The Lancet,” a prestigious British Medical Journal, published a study entitled: “The Human Cost of the War in Iraq.” One of its co-authors was Dr. Gilbert Burnham of the Johns Hopkins U. Its stunning conclusion: 659,965 Iraqis have died in the war as of July, 2006! On May 8, 2007, Dr. Burnham discussed that report.

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Commentary :: Culture

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

An overview of international, intercultural organizations based in Berlin Germany.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Middle East



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LOCAL News :: War in Iraq

Presidential Candidate: Senator Reid was Right, War is Lost

Reid is now opposing the Iraq War because the U.S. is losing; he initially supported the war and backed the invasion. The war is another imperial adventure by the U.S. and there is a growing divide, by those supporters of U.S. imperialism, that a continued war is weakening U.S. imperialism.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Bush Administration Deployment of Missile Defense System to...

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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News :: Media : Military : Miscellaneous : Peace : U.S. Government

The Lone Star Iconoclast - News

Please accept this as an official Ghost Troop alert to the prospect of more government treason like 9/11. Please do not read my remarks as a prediction. The nature of the information contained in your article and my observations is not specific enough for this command to issue a prediction.

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