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VOTE PSL in 2008: Answer to Democrats & Republicans on Fidel Castro's resignation

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. The La Riva/Puryear presidential campaign stands in solidarity with the Cuban revolution and the Cuban people. The Democratic and Republican candidates will all continue the same policy of the last 11 U.S. administrations: a policy of blockade, aggression and counter-revolution.

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News :: Media

St. Paul police orders tasers for every officer

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/21/08)

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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD : Labor

**Hotel Workers Rising!** Baltimore City Center Sheraton Workers DemonstrationWednesday, February 27, 4:30 PM

**Hotel Workers Rising!**

Baltimore City Center Sheraton Workers Demonstration
Wednesday, February 27, 4:30 PM
101 W. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD

Support the workers at the Sheraton City Center and come to the
demonstration at their hotel the day before their next negotiations.

The second largest industry in Baltimore is the Hospitality Industry.
Our city is heavily investing in the development of convention and
tourism business. Hotel workers want to make sure that jobs in this
growing sector of the economy are good family sustaining jobs.

Hospitality workers from the Sheraton Center City Hotel, who work for
Columbia Sussex Co., have endorsed a boycott of their hotel. After
almost two years of negotiations without a Union contract, Columbia
Sussex is insisting that workers agree to work without adequate
rights, job security, decent wages, affordable heath care or a pension

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Commentary :: Economy

The Crisis of Speculative Capitalism

Since the end of July 2007, the world economy was shocked by a new severe crisis of the financial markets. The courage to regulate the financial markets to prevent a future uncoupling from the productive economy is still obviously absent. The hour of truth will inevitably come.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Crime & Police : Protest Activity : Race and Ethnicity : Right Wing

CONFRONT AND DISRUPT RACIST AMERICAN RENAISSANCE CONFERENCE ::: March on Nazi Conference this Saturday, February 23, at 10am

On February 22-24, prominent neo-nazis and other white supremacists from the US and across the world will gather at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel in Herndon, VA (2200 Centreville Road) to vent their hatred and spew their racist venom towards communities of color. Join area anti-fascists in a march from Chandon Park (352 Juniper Ct., Herndon, VA) to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We will then converge at the hotel to protest, confront and disrupt the racist hate spouted by the AmRen National Conference.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Jordan cracks down on christians

"First we will take care of the Saturday people, then we will take care of the Sunday people"

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News :: Europe

How to loose the same battle twice...

June 28, 1389 Serbian noblemen lost their lives defending Christianity from Islam, two days ago the same battle was sanctioned in favor of Islam and against Serbia by granting independence to the terrorist Albanians on ancient Serbian Christian soil.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Socialists: Iraq War Still Number One Issue

The Peace and Freedom Party and Socialist Party USA have strongly opposed U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and have maintained that the Iraq War was launched only to advance U.S. imperialism and to control the vast oil reserves in the Middle East. Both socialist parties are calling for an immediate end to the military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the withdrawal and return of all U.S. troops, and the immediate release of all prisoners of war and detained civilians.

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Sen. Lieberman Says Waterboarding Won’t Really Hurt You!

One of the prime enablers of the Bush-Cheney Gang has been Sen. “Turncoat Joe” Lieberman (IND-CT). This guy loves the Iraq War and is foaming at the mouth pushing for the U.S. to attack Iran. Now, he’s come out for waterboarding! Sen. Lieberman insists it isn’t torture. How would he like it if Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy, is waterboarded? Torture is inhumane. Would Sen. Lieberman like to have a torture school named after himself?

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News :: Media

US court attacks web freedoms, puts Wikileaks out of business

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/19/08)

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