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News :: Latin America

Hidro-nacionalismo, agro-antinacional y Teología Neoliberal

Una de las promesas en la que el obispo Fernando Lugo basó su campaña proselitista antes de ser electo presidente del Paraguay fue una firme postura hidro-nacionalista en el tema de la represa de Itaipú, una de las usinas más grandes del mundo que es compartida con el Brasil.

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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Europe : International Relations : Latin America

CUBA: el secreto de la Era de Acuario

Este 13 y 14 de Mayo se efectuará en Bruselas, Bélgica, el encuentro pomposamente titulado: “Quo Vadis Cuba, escenarios de transición en el final de la era de Castro”...

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

War Is Commonsense

Today's commonsense is tomorrow's absurdity.

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Commentary :: Class : Economy : Globalization : Labor : Poverty

“Hunger riots”, it's the struggle of the proletariat!

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Commentary :: Economy

Will the Neoliberal Consensus Survive the Banking Crisis?

These are hard times for the neoliberal consensus whose message has been forced worldwide for three decades by the ruling classes on free capital flows. Business data is a fetish constructed for the goal of profit maximization, not an objective reflection of business reality.

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News :: Middle East

MGM MIRAGE and Dubai World Relationship raises Terrorism Questions

Dubai Grand Central Station purchase raises terrorism questions

Dubai World buys 50% stake in Dubai World to invest $2.7 billion for a 50 percent interest in CityCenter in Las Vegas and will make a significant equity investment in MGM MIRAGE

Dubai Ports World controversy

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Announcement :: Media

Two New Publications From Infoshop and the Alternative Media Project are pleased to announce the availability of two new digital publications. The first issue of our
bi-monthly newsletter titled "Revolution" is available as a PDF file that can be read online or printed out.

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Commentary :: Poverty

Hunger in Abundance

The price explosion has nothng to do with a shortage in grain. After the quasi-collapse of the US financial markets, international investors have floated a considerable part of their funds in raw material- and food branches.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

Meeting on the Stuggle for Justice 4 Sean Bell

Discussion & Meeting on the struggle for Justice 4 Sean Bell

And all victims of police brutality.

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News :: Crime & Police

Pentagon Wants Cyberwar Range to 'Replicate Human Behavior and Frailties'

maybe they will use the bush scum as a model of frailties and behavior...

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