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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Public Citizen's Ralph Nader Outraged By Bush Adm Attack On Civil Liberties

Public Citizen's Ralph Nader Outraged by Bush Administration Attack on Civil Liberties. Between the Lines' Scott Harris Interviews Ralph Nader, citizen activist and former Green Party presidential candidate.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

DESMOND TUTU And IAN URBINA Speak Against Israeli Apartheid

The United States has a distinct responsibility to intervene in atrocities committed by Israel the single largest recipient of US arms and foreign aid. Israel occupation's end should be TOP concern for ALL Americans.

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

NYC Anarchits Website!

New resource for NYC based anarchists.

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News :: Labor

Pikesville Hilton Hotel Employees Take Up Contract Struggle

Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE), Local 7 of the AFL-CIO are in a labor dispute with the franchise-owned Pikesville Hilton owned by Nicholas Mangione, Jr. The union has conducted several information pickets on Reisterstown Road to draw attention to the union's attempts to force "merit pay" on workers. Union members were joined by other AFL-CIO unions and progressive organizations on the picket line.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Blind Palestinian Compliance With US And Israeli Demands Is Not A Solution

If Mr. Bush truly understands the "deep anger and despair of the Palestinian people," then he must also understand that the occupation must end before anything else can be achieved

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Commentary :: International Relations

Our Patriotic Duty To The International Court

Its time we patriots did our duty and sent the Bush crime family to the International Court

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News :: Miscellaneous

Bush-Cheney Regime Dissolved

All participants of the unlawful "U.S. Administration" are hereby ordered to surrender themselves to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Army of the United States.

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News :: Peace

Conscientiousness Supersedes Private Property


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Israeli Right-wing Minister Effi Eitam Wants To KILL Marwan Barghouti

Support immediate release of elected Palestinian Parliamentarian Marwan Barghouti, one of the leading Palestinian reformers by signing the online petition! Pass it to others Please.

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News :: U.S. Government

Re-Written DECLARATION Of INDEPENDENCE - 4th Of JULY 2002 - Overwhelmed And Monopolized By Plutocratic Millionaires

the People Step Forward and Charge High Treason, and Show that Democracy in its roots today, is Corrupt. And that the Constitution has been Altered and Betrayed in Favor of A Small Group of Millionaires, Over Another... the Governed, the People of the United States

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