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Commentary :: Middle East : War in Iraq

BTL: Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector In Iraq Believes Plan To...

...Attack Baghdad is Politically Driven and Fraught with Danger. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Scott Ritter, a former chief United Nations weapons inspector who served in Iraq in that capacity for 7 years.

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

DC's Donkey Questions Ashcroft's Veracity

The donkeys are picking on Ashcroft again.

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News :: Peace

Organizing Global Peace Events For The 9/11 Anniversary

Please Help US Organize Peace Events Globally For the Upcoming 9/11 Anniversary
As September 11 approaches, we ask for your help to make the anniversary of the tragedy in the United States a time to promote global peace by organizing a peace event in your community. We would like to publicize your event on our website

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News :: Animal Rights

'Turn The Other Cheek' Is A Moral Responsibility


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Announcement :: Environment

Green Anarchy Baltimore Canceled

Green Anarchy Tour for August 8th is canceled due to transportation problems.

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Commentary :: Crime & Police

Racial/Ethnic Profiling

This is a review of the legal, sociological, and journalistic writings about racial/ethnic profiling. It concludes with a set of patches designed to reduce stops and searches which are intentionally discriminatory.

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LOCAL News :: Elections & Legislation

Maryland Green Party Candidates Turn In Over 4,600 Signatures

This week six of the Maryland Green Party's candidates for state and local office turned in, collectively, over 4,600 signatures in an effort to achieve ballot access in the state.

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Announcement :: Media

Independent Media And The Deceivable Majority 

What is independent media? I have learned that it is precisely as the phrase indicates, independent. But must this mean that in contrast to the mainstream media, independent media should remain on the fringes, perpetually struggling, and never reaching the majority of people?

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Direct Action Versus Electoralism

Anarchists engage in direct action as opposed to voting. This anti-electoralism (or anti-parliamentarianism) may seem strange and even perverse to many. After all, virtually the whole left believes in the importance of voting. In the US, liberals and state socialists have voted for the Democrats with a steadfastness that is almost religious, even as the Democrats have steadily moved to the right. In Western Europe, they have voted consistently for the Socialist or Labor Parties (social democrats), or Communist Parties, or, more recently, ex-Communist Parties.

As a reward, in 1997, 12 out of the 15 members of the European Union were governed by left parties--including Britain, France, and Germany--or by coalitions with left parties in them. In the words of the old British Labor Party hymn, did they build a New Jerusalem? Was Europe on the verge of a new age of equality and justice? To ask the question is to answer it. Within two years, the social democrats showed by their actions that they were just another face of the status quo. Throughout most of Europe they cut back on the welfare rights of the poor, decreased the rights of labor, and took part in the USA's war against Serbia. Personnel had changed, but the state remained.

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Announcement :: Environment

Green Anarchy Baltimore NOT Canceled

Green Anarchy tour in Baltimore is NOT canceled.

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