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LOCAL News :: Crime & Police

Three Of Twenty-Four Anti-Racist Activists Released

Three of twenty-four anti-racist activists arrested on August 24 at the Baltimore Travel Plaza have been released.

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News :: Economy

Local TEA Dollars

To presume that our lifetime has no value is to presume the legitimacy of slavery. Issuing citizens dividends directly from local treasuries is the most efficient, stable and democratic way to provide equal rights and equal responsibilities....

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LOCAL News :: Crime & Police

Jail And Bail Support


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LOCAL News :: Crime & Police

Some Released, Some Still Held, Many Outside Demanding Release.

A number of people have been released, a number are still inside, and many others are outside raising hell.

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Commentary :: Activism

The Whole World Is Watching

After reading so many false reports about the A22 protest against Herr Bush in Portland, OR , I decided to publish my own account.

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News :: U.S. Government

Antitoxin Or How To Get An Public Enemy

Blair can't smell it and Bush can't catch it.

It's on the move

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Final Run Down On Nazi Concert In WhiteMarsh

What a crazy night!

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News :: Protest Activity

Legal Support

Is there a phone number for legal support?

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News :: Middle East

Flashpoints Radio Interview With Joshua Brown In Balata Camp

KPFA Flashpoints Radio interview Aug 20, 2002 -Joshua Brown, ISM, in Balata Camp, illegally occupied Palestine

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News :: Activism


CURE, an organization of white supporters of reparations to descendants of slavery, attended the recent Millions for Reparations Rally in Washington, DC. Here is a very personal account of why they went and what they experienced at it.

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