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A Weekend Of Protest

On September 28, Washington DC was host to a gathering organized by the Mobilization for Global Justice expressing concern over IMF/World Bank proceedings and the threat of war with Iraq. While MGJ organizers gathered near the Washington monument, ACT-UP Philadelphia held a feeder march to protest AIDS policies.

The rally at the monument consisted of music and speakers, including Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, and was followed by a permitted march to Farragut Square and direct action. Mainstream media representatives were out in numbers, and though Friday's protests had resulted in a number of legitimate journalists being summarily arrested without cause, press coverage of the weekend was as disappointing and skewed as we've learned to expect.

IMC reporter Howard Ehrlich adds comments and observations from some of the advanced-in-age-but-not-in-spirit protesters in The Gray Activists.


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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

S28: The Mobilization For Global Justice March & Street Actions

The Mobilization for Global Justice protest against IMF/World Bank policies marched from the Sylvan Theater to Farragut Square to Edward R. Murrow Park. A report on street actions and an encounter with El Salvador's minister of finance. (a.h.s. boy, Laura Goren & Neale Stokes contributed to this report.)

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

S28: IMF/World Bank Policies & The AIDS Crisis

Philadelphia ACT-UP mobilized 500 activists to march to the rally of the Mobilization for Global Justice against the neoliberal polices of the IMF and World Bank. ACT-UP activists linked immobilizing debt burder in the Third World to the AIDS crisis. (Laura Goren contributed to this report.)

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

S28: You Won't Find It In The Post

A look at how the Washington Post reported on the rally and march protesting the IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington DC on August 28, 2002.

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

October 6-7 Actions Of Protest And Resistance

On Sunday, Oct. 6, the day before the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan, mass actions will be held in major cities, bringing together tens of thousands of people who together will take the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance. They will declare their opposition to the government's course and pledge to resist--and stop--this war on the world, the detentions and roundups of immigrants and the escalating police state restrictions in this country. The events will send a message to the people of the world that George Bush does not speak or act for all the American people.

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News :: Protest Activity

Denied The Right To Dance! Day One Of The Protests Against The IMF/World Bank

More than 600 were arrested in Washington DC at the September 27th protests against the policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. An account from the streets. (Aimee Pohl and Paul Santomenna contributed to this report. Photo from DC IMC.)

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Commentary :: Activism

One IMF Protest SERVED IMF/World Bank Interests

If one wants to help some of the world's worst health-damaging and polluting industries and their insurers and investors evade exposure, liabilities, criminal charges and proper regulation...simple...join the wholesome "War on Tobacco".

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News :: Activism

Commuter Attacked By DC Cops


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LOCAL News :: Activism

Timeline Of Events At Vermont & K

Approximate timeline of events at Vermont & K, narrated over phone by Baltimore IMC reporter.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Check The New Patriotic Wazoo-scanner

The new patented wazoo-scanner 123, try out now.

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