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News :: U.S. Government

The Entitlement Of Law And Order Is To Get Breach By Bush!

Daily 80-120 flights to middle east airbases for weapons of mass destruction carriage by air via UK/Germany/Italy

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Talking About Revolution

Here are excerpts from the debate on -- the online discussion site focused on the Draft Programme of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the strategy for revolution in the U.S.

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Conference On 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Offers Lessons For...

...Today's International Confrontations.Interview with Peter Kornbluh, of the National Security Archive conducted by Between The Lines' Denise Manzari

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News :: Crime & Police

5 Arrested In Drop The Rock Block Of Gov. Pataki's Offices In NYC

On Wednesday, Oct. 23rd the "Drop the Rock" campaign
to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws held a demonstration
and direct action at the offices of Gov. George Pataki in
Midtown Manhattan, at which five protesters were arrested.

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News :: Middle East

The Administration Is Lying!

8/10/02 Kuwait / two soldiers killed / a fake

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News :: Globalization

27oct01 ANSWER March WDC Photos

In commemoration of 26oct02 and what has becme an annual celebration of International Day Against Racism and War one year ago on 27oct01 ANSWER sponsored a Stop the War and End Racism March in WDC from which this photo was taken moments after the march stepped-off as are the photos in the link indicated below.

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Bush Reaction To North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program Contrasts Sharply With...

...War Drive Against Iraq. Interview with David Wright,of the Union of Concerned Scientists by Scott Harris.

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Announcement :: Economy


Visit our newspapers, get to know us and send us your comments, contributions ...

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News :: Globalization

John Trudell: Excellent Demystification Of US Preparations For Future Rebellion

This emerging figure, spoken-word artist, American Indian Movement speaker, age 56, is beginning to achieve a well-deserved respect. Unlike most of today's known demystifyers, Trudell's insights and analysis goes much deeper towards demystifying what few, even Chomsky, have done in helping individual people understand the *War Games* played upon all of us systematically, and it's about time we started to understand, just like so many indigenous peoples of the world have been FORCED to understand.

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Buy Nothing Day Whirl-Mart

on Buy Nothing Day, Nov. 29/30, Whirlers everywhere will take up their empty carts in ritual resistance against the religion of consumerism.


for information on holding a Whirl-Mart in your area, visit:

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