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Dear Baltimore Indymedia


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Commentary :: Peace

BTL:Resignations and Leaks in U.S. State Department Signal...

...Growing Dissent Against Iraq War. Interview with Daniel Ellsberg, former U.S. government military analyst who released the "Pentagon Papers," conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Peace

Recovering the Power of the Global Grass Roots in the Antiwar Movement

essay; feel free to reprint

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News :: Peace : War in Iraq

Actiondays "No to the war on iraq"

Woldwide actiondays against war will be at 14. 15. and 16. march 2003. The organisations of peace hope that the war against Iraq will never be reality, but they take precontions for a day X – the day of a possible attac against iraq. Then there will be actions against the war all over the world from 17 to 19 a clock.

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Commentary :: International Relations


Benjamin Franklin compared the pause in the Peloponnesian Wars, before their flight-forward plunge into the Sicilian invasion (by Alcibiades),
with the situation in London at the end of the "French and Indian
Wars" of 1756-1763: "Athens had her orators. They did her sometimes a great deal of good, at other times a great deal of harm; the latter
particularly when they prevailed in advising the Sicilian war,
under the burthen and losses of which war that flourishing state
sunk, and never again recovered itself. ...”

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News :: Peace

Who cares about democratic parliamentary resolutions ?

Disarming of american troops by turkish military because of illegal discharge of weapons at 8.3.03

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Commentary :: Peace

MOAB for Democracy

Abstract of the american bible!

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity : War in Iraq

Iraq Funeral Procession at Towson

Guerrilla street theater to protest the war

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Announcement :: Globalization

North American Social Forum

Web based discussion forum for organizing the first North American Social Forum

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Announcement :: Peace

Anti-Capitalist Pirate Feeder March this Weekend in DC!


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