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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Senate Passage of "Partial Birth Abortion" Ban is Important Gain in...

...Anti-Choice Campaign. Interview with Karyn Strickler, executive director of Fifty Plus One, conducted by Between the Lines' Denise Manzari

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News :: Activism

Shutdown CNN.COM Propaganda Machine (Eprotest)

Eprotest to shut down the propogandistic, panolopy, journalist in bed with the troops, complete with battle fatigues and gas masks! Shut Down The Scud Studs and Studio Butterflies!

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

World Wide Net-Strike CNN.COM!

Load the following webpage and leave it up, that's all you need to do to help crash - Quick! Spread the word!

Please distribute to all IMC's

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News :: Globalization


There are many Black Bloc call to action. It is very good idea. Strikes and riots ! Yes !

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News :: Europe

basque party closed by sp at 2 months to elections

"batasuna" second basque political party in last elections four years ago closed and sent to illegal by spanish authorities two months before new elections

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Commentary :: International Relations



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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality

Trader's pidgin announcement

A goodbye message in trader's pidgin. Those who understand will understand, those who do not not for, same. Number one fast getaway, A?

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LOCAL Commentary :: Activism

Bro, Sista-where art thou?

This article speaks about the lack of activism in the African American communities

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LOCAL Announcement :: Protest Activity

Local monitors needed for TV Boycott

Monitors needed throughout the country to help compile boycott list for first TV Boycott on April 3, 2003

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Commentary :: Peace


IF you are opposed to Bush's plans for war on Iraq,
AND you owe taxes for 2002 that you have not yet paid,
THEN consider tax resistance as an act of civil disobedience!

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