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LOCAL Commentary :: Protest Activity

The Season of Protests

The protest activities of the Towsontown 8 and Garmatz 40, along with the letter the Garmatz group tried to bring to a Federal Judge.

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Announcement :: Peace

Urgent Call: presence of American Flags CRUCIAL to AntiWar Movements success


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News :: Miscellaneous

The Week In Review: March 17-23

Week in Review

War begins in Iraq, and dissent rages across the world; the price of organic food; free speech, but no recordings, please!; Michael Moore at the Oscars


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Announcement :: Protest Activity : War in Iraq

Stop Bush's Blitzkrieg on Iraq

online petition: Emergency Kit to Stop the War

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News :: Globalization

KILL YOUR OFFICER. US Army Sgt. Asan Akbar is an example !

No more deluded by reaction On tyrants only we'll make war The soldiers too will take strike action They'll break ranks and fight no more And if those cannibals keep trying To sacrifice us to their pride They soon shall hear the bullets flying We'll shoot the generals on our own side.

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News :: Protest Activity

Help Shut Down NYC on Thursday!

People in New York are organizing mass autonomous direct action on Thursday starting at 7am and need lots of help!

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News :: Military


Al-Jazeera television broadcast pictures of the bodies of several American soldiers. Watch the footgage here...

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News :: U.S. Government : War in Iraq



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News :: Peace

The hidden pictures of war

Is this the freedom for iraqi citizens Bush means?
Is this the honor for US soldiers to get killed for Bush?

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The War

people who protest are gay, they really dont know, and if u are for teh war, you are gay.. we are all gay, i think we should all just stop doing everything we do and sti around the house.. IM GAY!!!

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