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Commentary :: U.S. Government

CHILLING DEJA VU: A Premonitive July, 2001 Hitler Comparison Revisted

When this essay comparing Hitler's rise to power with Bush, and the tactics of the present GOP with the 1930s Nazis and Stalin's communist regime was first published in July, 2001, I was the recipient of a flood of hate mail and even a couple of death threats from militant rightwingers. But the comparison hit home: the article has been been circulating all over the world, reprinted in at least five languages. Unlike the lame, even bizarre comparisons rightwingers try to make between Clinton, Dean, et al. and Hitler, the similarity between Bush's regime and the rise of the Nazis is REAL and has evoked a shock of recognition in readers - or, as the title says, a "Chilling Déja Vu."

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Announcement :: Media

updated media hub

collection of underground anti- invasion news sources

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Announcement :: Media

media hub

empire_banner.jpgcollection of underground anti- invasion news sources

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Commentary :: Media

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: Stressed US Troops Grow Brutal, Civilian Casualties Climb, Tommy Franks' Patton Fantasy


.......and this one is no different.


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Commentary :: Economy

What a Gas

Think you're paying too much for gas right now? Look around, maybe you are.

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Commentary :: Middle East : War in Iraq

BTL:Iraq War Sets Off Growing Anger Toward U.S. in Arab World

Interview with Hussein Ibish, communications director with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Activism

Streets of Tokyo Erupt in Antiwar Fervor

321-1.JPGAs the U.S. began its bombing of Iraq, hundreds of thousands protested around the world and in the U.S. Former Baltimore activist John Cassidy reports on anti-war activism in and around Tokyo, Japan.

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News :: Urban Development

DC Squat Raided

More then 30 homeless evicted with many arrested in large squat raid in this winter.

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News :: Peace

Cash check!

Decapitation Attack

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News :: Media

WarTools: Big Brother, we are watching you

With the blatant pro-war bias of corporate media giants getting so much attention now in independent media, here's an interesting way to make your voice heard.

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