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Commentary :: Military

SELLING DEATH: How the Bush-Masters of War Make a Killing, Coming and Going

>NOTE: A preliminary draft of this article was mistakenly run in News Insider today. This completed article will replace it shortly 

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Announcement :: Peace

Reclaim Mother's Day!

Take this radical holiday back from the corporate profit-mongers.

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Commentary :: International Relations : War in Iraq

BTL:Thousands Engage in Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to Protest Iraq War

Interview with Gordon Clark, coordinator of the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Media

photos from saddam statue were propaganda: they were false.

photos from baghdad seem to show thousands and thousands of Iraqis tearing down the statue of Saddam. However, BBC photos reveal that there were at most only a couple hundred people there and that includes US troops!

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Commentary :: Economy

Tears of Inspiration from Argentina, by Marina S

"The chorus is "We are the future and the present, to resist and to occupy". It goes on with more inspiring lyrics. (Somewhere between 150 and 200 factories are now being occupied and run by the workers, the form ranges from occupations like Zanon or Brukman, to occupations that then ask for a judicial nod and become collectives."

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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD

Baltimore "Punx picnic and social gathering"


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Announcement :: Activism

DC | Anti-Capitalist Feeder March, April 12th

On Saturday, April 12th, ANSWER has called an emergency convergence to surround the White House, starting at noon at the Washington Monument. This feeder march will be meeting at 7th street and Madison avenue NW in Sculpture Garden at 11:30 and will then march over to the ANSWER rally.

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News :: Peace

RW: Now That the War Is Going On...


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News :: Labor

SPFPA America's Union for Security Professionals

Major SPFPA VICTORY : The Issue is
Settled - 1200 Security Professionals
VOTE … SPFPA : Fatal Setback for Embattled Phony SEIU Scam Union NUSP !

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Commentary :: Peace

The Forbidden Truths of the Human War Ritual

All wars undertaken by nations are manifestations of the pathological
mass torture, brainwashing, and abuse that the nation has itself inflicted
upon each and every generation of it's own child-slaves.

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