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The Week In Review: May 5-11

Week in Review

Sit-in Annapolis; Bounty for Arabs; Schools in decline; Bridge to reopen; Get ready for Victory-brand media; Need a job? Too bad; Iraqi war crimes in Belgium; The more things change...; Suicide bombers and This Week in History.


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News :: U.S. Government

Former ELF Spokesmen Form New Revolutionary Organization

“Arissa is an effort at building an effective revolutionary movement in the United States,” the group proclaims on its website located at “Until such time as a revolution occurs, the U.S. political structure will continue to inflict widespread atrocities on a domestic and international level.”

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News :: Media

Stop June 2 Media Consolidation Vote

Don't let the Federal Communications Commission remove the remaining restrictions on consolidation of media ownership.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

CHERYL SEAL SPECIAL REPORT: In Broad Daylight: How the Rightwing Corporazis Are Pulling off the Greatest Ponzi Scam in History

PART ONE: Renewing American Rightwing Fraud: The Return of Newt Gingrich

In April, in a secret deal between Bush operatives in the IRS and GOP, using charities as money laundering operations for political campaigns was, in essence, declared legal.

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News :: Elections & Legislation

They're Corrupt Cause You Don't Vote!

In all the years I've been working political campaigns in Canada and the United States I can't tell you how many times I've heard the expression "Why should I vote, they're all corrupt". When I hear that statement and I must've heard it a million times (there, I said how many times), it always reminds me of the chicken and egg theory and which came first. Did politicians become corrupt because you elected them or did they become corrupt because you didn't?

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News :: Globalization

Starbucks sues tiny indigenous-owned coffeeshop for "trademark infringement"

Three years ago, Darin Swanson and his partners christened their HaidaBucks cafe. Now the coffee shop in the Queen Charlotte Islands (British Columbia, Canada) is being sued by the Starbucks company, which says the name is too familiar to their own. "I guess they have a problem with the word 'bucks' in our name. They're letting us use the word Haida -- nice of them," Swanson said. Swanson and his partners -- all members of the Haida Nation -- insist they have aboriginal rights to the name and will not be ground down. Swanson had never set foot in a Starbucks coffee shop.

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Interview :: Economy

Questions of Life and Death

"Many politicians lack a moral imperative today. They act as though without options because the economy dictates conditions. This is not true. Politicians can stillmake decisions in the interests of many, not in the interests of a few."
Translated from the German

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News :: Labor

Borders Books Union Worker Speaks

Borders Union worker speaks at the "Meeting the Challenge" labor conference

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Announcement :: Europe : Globalization : International Relations : Miscellaneous : Protest Activity

Anti-authoritarian call against the EU summit in Greece

We are sending you this document in order to keep you informed about the issues that have been decided by the panhellenic assembly of the Anti-authoritarian Movement Salonika 2003, in relation to the actions that we are going to organise during the period of the EU summit in Thessaloniki (or Salonica) in June 2003.

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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Middle East : Military

Israeli Forces Raid ISM Office

Israeli military forces raid the International Solidarity Movement office in Occupied Palestine.

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