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News :: Environment

EPA Shielding Lobbyists In Asbestos Case

Politically Connected Law Firm, Morgan Lewis Bockius, Lobbying the EPA on Behalf of Unknown Client To Roll Back Asbestos Protections For 750,000 Brake Mechanics

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The Week in Review: Oct 29-Nov 3

Week in Review

Poverty on the rise in America; secondary leaders all over the world find themselves at odds with the big dogs; and don't worry, your opium supply is plentiful; plus This Week in History


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News :: Media

John Allen Muhammad Trial Day Fifteen 11/3/03

The book was "The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity" when these books were entered in as evidence; the media viewing room became very silent, you could hear a 'rat pissing on cotton' why? because Black wisdom was being revealed.

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Commentary :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Civil & Human Rights : International Relations : Middle East : Military : Peace : U.S. Government

Statement Condemning Geneva Accord

The Palestinian refugees' Right of Return to the homes and lands from which they were exiled is an individual, collective, national and human right that cannot be abrogated, denied or modified by any negotiation or agreement.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

URGENT! Gov't attacks on Amer Jubran, Thursday 11/6

After a year of refusing to present evidence or witnesses in its endlessly delayed prosecution of Amer Jubran, the federal government handed Amer's lawyer a fifty-two page document presenting its case--scarcely more than a week before Amer's final trial.

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News :: Baltimore MD

Here comes the DRAFT!

The Selective Service System wants to hear from men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members of a local draft board.

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Lauch of the Progressive Webgroup Alliance

Introducing the Progressive Webgroup Alliance!

A coalition of Free thinking and Progressive web based discussion groups, message boards and mailing lists.

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News :: [none]

Our World Is Not For Sale

FTAApress.jpgLocal unionists and activists organized by a broad coalition held a press conference at the Washington Monument in downtown Baltimore to say, "Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)." (Spanish version: "Nuestro mundo no está en venta".)

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Announcement :: Peace


Jeff McKenzie arrives in Australia. This is not a one or two day protest. It is an eight month walking prayer, 2,000 miles in Australia and 1,400 miles in Japan, attempting to forward a message to the world that we can and should have a nuclear free future.

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Announcement :: Labor

The Northeastern Anarchist #8 out now!


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