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FTAA Worker's Forum

labor panel sm.jpgOn November 19, 2003, the AFL-CIO sponsored a forum in Miami entitled "Giving Voice to the Workers of the Americas." This piece, in the style of a journalist's notes, attempts to capture the spirit and content of the event.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

Contact Board of Estimates over Woodberry Forest

Last ditch effort to save Woodberry Forest!

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News :: International Relations

Fantastic Video on The Carlyle Group

The video will say everything you ever wanted to know about how the deals are made in washington...your country is not a democacy its a joke on you and yours... merry christmas...

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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization

Send CAFTA packing Noon time Picket Dec. 15th Washington DC

Lets give them one last big hurahh! Send 'em packing with a bang! lets make
some noise! So everyone get your friends and family, co-workers and
neighbors to come out and show the world what we think of CAFTA (it gives
us the Shafta!). BRING NOISE MAKERS!!! Biring your voice!!

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Review :: Animal Rights

Iraqi Relations with the Syrian Baath Party(The twin-regimes of terrorism)

Iraqi Relations with the Syrian Baath Party:
Using the same fascist means in an extreme competition to rule over the Arab countries while claming the highest level of hater to the US and the West.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

BTL:Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez Contest Recall Effort

Interview with Eva Golinger Moncada, of the Venezuelan Solidarity Committee, conducted by Between The Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

“Crimson and Clover”

“Crimson and Clover” Ode to the Statue of Liberty

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News :: Activism

Anal Sex Byproduct Named for Senator Santorum

Lube-and-fecal matter mix takes name of anti-gay U.S. Senator.

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Hey, William Kristol: “Hit the Road, Warmonger!”

America’s soldiers, who are serving and dying in Iraq appear to mean little or nothing to William Kristol. They are just a “commodity” to be used by him, like our Republic is, to push forward his more wars in the Middle East agenda.

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Why all hate Americans?

A Funny video

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