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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Thoughts on the Capture of Saddam Hussein


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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Juan Bosch: His Prophecy of a Fascist America

Juan Bosch’s prophecy of a fascist America is unfolding. The situation will only get worse, unless the people wake up. And, if you think our mostly cowardly Congress will act to remedy this serious matter, you better think again. It was that spineless Congress that first created this disgraceful mess!

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News :: U.S. Government

Bush Set Up Iraq War Crimes Tribunal on Dec. 10 - Saddam Captured on Dec. 13...No Coincidence here!

Saddam Hussein has always threatened that if he ever got the chance, he would expose the depths of his connections to the Reagan and Bush I administrations (and quite possible the current administration as well)....but three days before his capture, the Bush Interim gov. in Iraq hastily signed into law a special closed War Tribunal...

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News :: Activism

G8 2004: Savannah/Local TV goes on attack

WSAV TV (NBC) runs attack story on G8 organizing in Savannah

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News :: Media

Petition to keep Mike Malloy on the airwaves!

IE America Radio Network is about to fold in February. Mike Malloy's voice among others will be silenced. This petition is to get the new liberal-leaning Central Air Media to give him a time slot.

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Commentary :: Europe

Andalucía: Contra la Constitución española - Andalusia: Against Spanish Constitution

Artículos de análisis sobre el Régimen español y sobre Andalucía - Más sumarios y enlaces // LINKS //
ANDALUCIA LIBRE - FREE ANDALUSIA: Left nationalist newsletter. A perspective of Andalusia how a Nation from the nationalist left; a world perspective from andalusian left. Independence - Republic - Socialism

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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization

FTAA Miami Public de-brief and discussion Tue. Dec. 16th @ 6:30 the Flemming center Washington DC

From Nov. 18th to the 20th Ministers from 34 nations of the Americas met to negotiate The Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, FL. Fair trade campaigners from all throughout the Americas came to show there opposition to the FTAA and where met with unprecidented police violence. Many from DC made the trek to Miami. Come out to hear stories and watch video footage tof the protests and engage in discussion on the experience that was Miami.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Media : Military : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 5

Weekly Summary of Worldly Nonsense

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Global AIDS Pandemic Spreading at Alarming Rate While...

...Bush Administration Impedes Access to Life-Saving AIDS Treatment * Interview with Salih Booker, executive director of Africa Action, conducted by Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights



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