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News :: Peace


Peace on earth

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Patriots for Gore

After September 11 foreign policy experience, military service and national security credentials are now longer merely bonus attributes in a President; they are leadership characteristics that are fundamental in a President. Now is not the time for a President in Training...

51,000.000 Americans went to the polls on Nov. 7, 2000 to cast a vote for the promise and the hope that Al Gore envisioned for our country, our nation and the world in which we all live. Although much has changed in the world since that day, I believe we need that hope and that vision more today, than ever before. Gore alone has the experience and the credentials to defeat a sitting President in a time

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Review :: International Relations

Free Lebanon from Syrian Baath Occupation and Terror


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The Government 911 Coverup falling apart?

Is martial law just around the corner?? You decide!

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Street Medic Training, Boston, February, 2004

Would you like to become a street medic for progressive political demonstrations? Would you like to learn basic skills that would be useful for protests, outdoor adventures and community first aid? Come to the street medic training in Boston in February, 2004!

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Commentary :: Peace

The Awful Truth about Bush

Lies and criiminality unrestrained.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

CHERYL SEAL WEEKEND UPDATE: Hackers Go After Progressive Sites, Diane Sawyer as Deep Throat?, Bizzaro News Clips, Twisted Photo Section


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Commentary :: U.S. Government

George Bush Acts as Judge, Jury & Sheriff

What the arrogant President Bush did in the Jose Padilla case was to unlawfully seize the authority of the other two branches of the government: the Legislative and Judicial, unto himself. In effect, he became Padilla’s judge, jury and sheriff! Come to think of it, he unlawfully usurped Congress’s power “to declare war,” when he ordered the invasion of Iraq. The evidence shows that Bush is a serial offender of the U.S. Constitution.

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News :: Latin America

A dos años del Argentinazo

a dos años del Argentinazo

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Pentagon Says White-House Connected Halliburton Company Overcharged...

...U.S. Government $61 Million. Interview with Rania Masri, of the Institute for Southern Studies, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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