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News :: Latin America

Protest Repression in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

On December 20, at a packed demonstration of 60,000 a bomb went off to stop the commemoration of the Argentine Peoples Rebellion. This bomb injured 23. We urge you to protest this atrocity today by sending an email to the Argentine Embassy and Consulates in the US.

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Announcement :: Right Wing

Time Magazine - The Person of the Year

The fatal policy of appeasement was and is the wrong answer

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News :: Miscellaneous

The Top Twenty Forbidden Truths of Humanity

The human species is the most diseased, perverse, and pathetic to have ever infested planet earth. This article reveals the top 20 reasons why this species has forfeited it's right to continue to exist.

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LOCAL News :: Miscellaneous

This was the week that was

The news of the week in review, December 15-21

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: America in the Balance: Will Sandra Day O'Connor Choose Justice - Or Loyalty to the Old Boy Network?

Whether she likes the position or not, Sandra Day O'Connor has been shoved onto history's stage, front and center with a vote that will decide whether America remains a democracy for and by the people.

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Commentary :: Peace

Reagan on a Dime

An argument against the perception of Ronald Reagan as a great President. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve to be put on the dime or have his face chiseled into Mt. Rushmore as some conservatives have suggested.

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

President Voices Support for Marriage Amendment Amidst Vocal Opposition

President George W. Bush threw his ideological weight into the looming battle over the civil rights of gay, lesbian, intersex, and transgender Americans. The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) decries these efforts to destabilize gay and gender-variant families in the hopes of garnering reelection support through religiopolitical bigotry.

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Saddam's Capture and the Media Circus

A few thought about the capture of Saddam Hussein, the reaction of the corporate media and whether or not this event will diminish the Iraqi resistance to US colonial occupation.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Right Wing : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 6

Weekly summary of worldly nonsense

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Commentary :: Culture

Ten Reasons to Fire President George W. Bush

And, finally, the No. 10 reason, President George W. Bush should be fired is:

Every few months, he lets his dog Barney run the country!

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