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Mumia Update: Stay of Execution NOT lifted...but...

This corrects earlier notices about Mumia's stay of execution being lifted. That was not accurate. A stay of PROCEEDINGS was disolved. This also elaborates on the still urgent situation.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (07/8/04)


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News :: Elections & Legislation



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LOCAL Announcement :: Labor



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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD

Darkstar Events Update!

On July 18th, Sunday, we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Kevin Darkstar Gosnells last day alive. Please, if you knew and remember Kevin, attend this picnic in Wyman Park, along Charles St. in Baltimore, and the other events that follow!

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News :: History : Military : Protest Activity

The Death of Sgt. Van Dale Todd

Are Iraq veterans going to be treated the way Vietnam veterans were?

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News :: Globalization

The biggest Brazilian gold mine belongs to a US company

Serra Pelada gold mine, in the Amazonian State of Para, one of the main Brazilian gold producers, was bought by the US mining company Phoenix Gems, which paid 40 millions dollars to exploit 100 hectares.

The contract of an important part of Serra Pelada mine’s shares, was subscribed last June 5th between a cooperative of "garimpeiros" (Brazilian gold searchers) and the US Company Phoenix Gems.

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News :: Crime & Police

Mumia In Danger. Be in Philly Sun June 11.

Mumia's stay of execution has been lifted. Next court decision crucial. NAACP invites executioner, Gov. Rendell, to speak.

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LOCAL Review :: War in Iraq

Burn, Baby, burn: A Review of Fahrenheit 9/11


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LOCAL Announcement :: Culture

Word-Life Open Mike Tonight


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